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Part of our weekends are foodtrips! We love to eat, check out new places, try out different restos, new recommendations and even new trending food stalls in the mall. Food to go, pastries and other baked goodies from different bakers is also my kind of thing. One reason why i can't seem to loose weight even if i go to the gym or workout at home, is because my diet depends on what's the "ulam" or "saan tayo kakain?" LOL! Guys, discipline is the key if you are really intentional in loosing weight. Wag nyo ko gayahin! :)

Photo Courtesy of Share Cafe
So last June, on a wonderful Sunday, my kids together with my favorite cousin Josh went to the then, newly opened Share Cafe to check out what they offer. I honestly had no idea about what concept this cafe has, that is different from the others.

How to Order plus the table number
I was a bit overwhelmed that it was a self service cafe run with a touch of technology. They use the internet to place your orders. NO waiters waiting for you to pick your orders. Everything should be done with a click of your hand using your smartphone. Orders and bill will automatically be delivered to your table right after. Cool, right? 

So, here's what we ordered;

The Southren Fried Steak is something new for me. I cannot vouch for the taste but i love the mashed potato and mixed buttered veges on the side. It compliments the fried steak.

Thin Crust Pizza is always a good idea. It was flavorful but it could've been better to add more toppings!

Pasta was okay. The serving was smaller than i expected, but for the price i think it was just right.

I love Burgers! So i have nothing but just good words to say. Though i only took a bite of it. My son said it was good!

This is their Express Food menu, and they have quite a variety of it. Commonly known as budget meals or student meals. It comes in a package of rice, your choice of main course, a spring roll and a glass of drink, usually a lemonade or juice.

KALDERETA (If i wasn't mistaken, I forgot sorry!)
For the price of P48.00 only it was really value for money. It has adequate servings  and the food quality was good enough for the price, plus having to dine in a comfortable place with unique features. Sobrang sulit!

I love Monte Cristo Sandwich! It's something i make at home specially during snack time or even breakfast. I love how they made a twist of it, like the way they cover the fillings with bread and the presentation is plus one.

My daughter ordered the Churros because it was here favorite, and so far, i think it didn't disappoint her. 

There's nothing really note-worthy about the bread pudding, this is something i used to bake at home but ofcourse this one is a lot better. It's my favorite and i love it!

The Chocolate Sin Cake, is really a sinful treat! I love how clean and appetizing it looks like on the outside and really moist and rich on the inside. It was a mini cake actually, but i know how hard it is to bake, so the price is really just right for an artisan cake. Maybe a bit pricey for some but i think their cakes are something you should really try. 

I have nothing but only good words to say about their service and food. I'd just thought of maybe, the Express Menu could still be improved because it was not really what i expected looking at the pictures on their ads- an expectation vs reality moment. The meat we had over the rice seemed to be overcooked. But, again its good. Prices are reasonable. And i believe as a newly opened resto, there will be more room for improvement. The service was amazing, i can vouch for that having first hand experience. Their staffs were all accommodating and very attentive to our needs. This cafe is recommendable!

This episode is actually on my vlog as part of our Weekend Series! Please do watch it on my Youtube Channel, link is posted below. Some of the clips were actually missing because the other phone i used for filming was corrupted. But full details are here now, so please read! :)

Design your weekends,

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