The Big Bad Wolf Booksale Finds and Experience


Written September 2019

Has anyone here went to The Big Bad Wolf Booksale? How was your experience? 

We visited the Big Bad Wolf Sale last March 2, 2019 and it was our first time. We were on the 2nd to the last day of sale, if i wasn't mistaken and, so the queues are quite manageable already but the traffic to the parking area is still terrible. 

However, we still managed to get a spot which is a little closer to the entrance. It was past 8pm already and most people were already checking out, hence the traffic. But there were still a few who comes over, because the sale runs for 24 hours! Nocturnal babies are very much welcome!

Security checks are quite strict. But aisles are stroller friendly. I tag along my two older kids who loves to check out books too and my baby boy who comes with a pram and a pacifier. The crowd inside is tolerable though. 

We were greeted with tons and tons of BOOKS! It's like OMG! What a treasure trove of books! According to BBW they have over 2 million books on display. The whole World Trade Center was occupied with books and only book lovers can understand the certain gush of feeling and excitement at the sight of those books!

I wasn't able to check each and every aisle. I was wearing heels and my feet are tired so i only checked certain posts that cater to my interests. Business books, novels, self-help books, inspirational, cook books, some fiction and ofcourse, learning books for my 2 year old and my students.

Prices are reasonable, some are really that shocking, they are at 75% off! You can get nice books (novels) at below P100 while there are those that were just fine. But mostly are really off the retail price compared to bookstores. As of this writing i really cannot recall all the pricetags. (I have terrible memory when it comes to numbers of all sorts) So i am just happy to share here "some" of the books i got and my experience from visiting one of the biggest book sale. You are free to comment below if you find  anything interesting and i will try to answer back! :)

Final thoughts: Wether you're an avid reader, a book collector, or just a hoarder of books, this crazy book sale is one that you shouldn't miss. I heard they come to Manila every year and its about time you follow their Facebook page to get timely updates on when they will be back! 

Watch our Weekend Series on my Youtube Channel which include the episode of this 
Big Bad Wolf Book Sale! 

Make reading a habit. Buy a Book, Read a Book!

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