SEASCAPE VILLAGE: Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps


Written September 2019

First, what you need to know about Seascape Village?

Seascape Village is the newest version of "Dampa" Seafood Paluto which is located inside CCP Complex just beside Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It's an upscale "dampa" with posh and modern surroundings overlooking Manila Bay. We went here last March 3, 2019 as part of our weekend staycation at The Luneta Hotel. 

What you can find there? 

They have a wet market with all sorts of live or fresh seafoods placed in aquariums. There is an area where you can get fresh veges and ingredients for your seafoods too. Fresh fruits that are in season are located in stalls, you can buy fresh fruits and request them to make it into fresh juices or quenchers. I honestly lost my photo for this blog entry, i think i accidentally deleted it. Hence, i'm using screenshots from my video clips here. My apologies for the blurry pics. :)

I find the place more organized than the original/old "dampa". It's clean because, ofcourse, it's new! We went here to check out the place first and see if there are options for lunch. We went around and found a few restaurants that are open but mostly are still closed. The few open spaces looks like its not worth to try, they have sleepy staffs on posts and menu is quite expensive whilst kids doesn't like anything from the list. 

We were about to leave and find some other place to eat, when i noticed that parking fee is P300! So we went back, look around again and allowed the kids to choose where to eat. Ofcourse, i won't pay P300 for a parking space in less than an hour. I'd rather spend it on food! However, if you are to eat or dine inside the village, your receipt will be validated and you will pay a flat rate of P50 upon check out, fair enough. So, i told them "Dito na tayo kakain, wag nang choosy!"

Going around again we were invited by a kind lady who unhesitantly showed us their menu and when my son saw the "crispy crablets" it was end of the conversation. "Mommy, i want here!"

The Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps

Okay, so we dined at Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps. It was exactly lunch time and i was amazed that there were just few people inside, however i find their menu reasonably priced and looks good on pictures. 

I let the kids ordered since im not really into seafoods these days because of my allergy. But i looovveee seafoods so much! Excitedly, i ordered a dessert i find so good to indulge with on a hot summer weather. The Mudslide is a must-try! 

We only had the Crispy Crablets and the Bag of Buttered Shrimps. My son would want to order big crabs but i protested not to order! I will cook at home na lang, mahal yung price for the size! LOL! Plus i don't want to get all our hands messy. 

Food was all okay. Nothing really special, as i can cook them at home. No wow factor, but it was delicious. Crabs are crispy, flavor was just right and the bag of shrimps has adequate servings. Prices are quite reasonable.

Overall, it was a great experience. A good choice for an instant seafood craving fix. Service is fast and efficient. The staffs were all accommodating and the place is clean and decent. Plastic aprons and gloves were provided for that utmost seafood experience. Yes, if i'll be coming back to Seascape Village with my kids, i might dine in here again.

Please watch my short vlog about this on my Youtube Channel. This is part of our Weekend Series! Check out the link below.

For the love of seafoods and my kids,

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