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Written August 2019

Hello there! How's everybody doing? Did i hear great? Then good for you! 
As much i wanted to sound like happy and energetic on this post, i actually feel sleepy, lonely and tired. Well, maybe it's because of the gloomy weather! It's been raining (as of this writing) and im pretty sure everyone else can relate to the bedly weather mood. It's lethal! I've been a couch potato for like 3 days now due to the weather BUT i still manage to do some workouts in between, then back to position! LOL!

Sharing here is my looong overdue Vlog about another weekend! The files were screaming for Weekend Series No. 9 already on my drafts but as of today, i'm still talking about no. 5! So eto na! 

As a brief intro, this Vlog was filmed March 2, 2019. Shocks! Where did time go? :D
And i decided to just clip everything in one episode. But the full stories or blogs about some of these is cut into series. Why? Because i need more time! And i have a lot to write! But despite being that busy with other things, i am proud to say that I am productive. I still have so many on the list though, but it was fulfilling to be able to tick off one at a time and stamp it with DONE! Yey!

The party we attended last March was one of the most thrilling and really exciting party that my kids attended so far. SO many fun activities and performers. I'd like to give a big big CLAP for my kumpare and kumare (she executed this very well) for such a wonderful party. Kids and adults alike enjoyed so much and it was a proof of how loved and favored my inaanak is. "AJ, your dad and mom are the best! Make them proud!" -Ninang

Right after the party we went to the Big Bad Wolf Sale at World Trade Center and we all had a great great time checking out the books. They had over 2 Million books and it was just a treasure trove of happiness. I'm still old school, i like flipping through the pages, the feel of it is very nostalgic and the smell- sooo so good! We've got quite a number of books but mine was just the best i ever had so far! I'll be sharing it on the next post!

Then we had our hotelcation for a night at The Luneta Hotel. It was like travelling back in time with a  jumble of modern amenities. I have posted this article already and you might want to check it here.

The following day was a DIY Manila Tour where we had a glimpse of Intramuros, the National Museum and Luneta Park. I'd thought of bringing the kids into these places that are not very usual, to learn history first hand. YES, they can always read it in textbooks but to see it and appreciate it face to face is different. It will establish a strong recall for them even when they grow older. They haven't been to these places yet  and i wonder why their school doesn't bother to include this in their itinerary for fieldtrips.

After checking out from The Luneta Hotel, we had lunch at Seascape Village beside Sofitel Philippine Plaza. Seascape Village is Manila's newest seafood destination. It is not yet fully developed but the wet market and some dining options are already up. We had our seafood trip at The Boiling Crab and [again] I'll be sharing more about this on a separate post.

So, that's it! I hope you guys can watch the Vlog on my Youtube Channel. Click SUBSCRIBE and hit the "bell button" so you can get updates everytime i post a new video.

Design your weekends,

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