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Hey there! It's Betchie and welcome to another weekend! :)
That's pretty much the lines i'm getting used to, these days, when i started vlogging! Admittedly, i feel "trying hard" because i am very far from those Vloggers/Youtubers out there who's been in the industry for like ages. I hate my diction, my voice, and most of the time, nagba-buffering yung brain cells ko. LOL! But I'm trying. And i just love doing it, kase nakaka-happy!


But if you'll ask me between writing and video editing? I would still choose WRITING! Iba parin! That's why when i post a video on my channel, kelangan may article parin ako about dun.

Going back to our Weekend Series, we visited Villa Jovita Resort last February. (I'm so sorry for the late posting, ganon talaga when adulting, maraming ganap sa buhay!) We went there to celebrate the 2nd birthday of my niece in advance, because her parents went home from Dubai for a vacation. But her birthday is actually on May 25th. It served as a post-valentine's celebration too with my family, minus the husband who flew back to work already.

Villa Jovita is located at Agoncillo, Batangas. If you're familiar with Lemery, Batangas, it's just a 5-10 minutes drive away from Xentro Mall in Lemery, Batangas. There are 3 things i love about this resort, the spring water pool, the bamboo trees, and the free flowing river.

It's very close to nature and i love that the cascading pools are non-chlorinated water but from natural spring. This resort has taken the social media by storm because of the natural spring water from the pool. I took a quick dip and it was cold, but it was very refreshing. There's something about the resort that makes you feel at peace. Maybe because of the location where right beside it, is a river and it is surrounded by trees that adds shade when you're swimming.

On top of it from another area, is also a swimming pool which is chlorinated or the regular pool. The resort was big and has different cottages to choose from.They have tables and benches for day tours, kubo-type accommodations for overnight swimming and if you like camping, they also offer camping tents.

What made this resort more popular and became a favorite destination for tourists and locals alike is the Bali-inspired Corner. The entrance for the Bali Corner is separate from the entrance to their pools. If you want to experience swimming, the entrance fee is P150 for all pools, but if you like to experience the Bali Corner with the Bali Swing, the entrance is additional P250.

The Bali Corner will take you to Bali Indonesia by illusion. Lol! Kidding aside, it was a Bali-inspired garden with several corners intended for photoshoot to get that Bali Indonesia feel or look from your photos. The Bali-swing is something you should try if you are not afraid of heights. At first i was screaming my lungs out when i tried the Bali-swing, ang lakas kase mag-push ni kuya! But you may opt to stop it anytime if you don't feel comfortable anymore. It was fun, though.

What i love about the Bali-corner that i feel so worth it is the Bali Nest. There were several of its kind and it has taken my illusion to Bali Indonesia which urged me to book a ticket to fly and experience it in reality. I have tons of photos from this corner that i still hadn't post. But i'll be posting more about it soon in my WHAT I WORE category- yes, #OOTD IS LIFE! :D

Final thoughs about the place?

Yes! I will come back, but not in the Bali Corner anymore, quota na ako dun! Sayang entrance fee. Lol! But with their affordable rates, and the natural pool, it's worth the visit. Bringing your own food is also allowed, they have grilling areas and i think fishing is also okay. They also have a restaurant or a cafe where you can order snacks at a reasonable price. Rooms for overnight accommodations are now available too.

The only major let down for me, (because i have 3 senior citizens in tow plus 2 babies) is going down and up again from the parking to the cottages. It has staired alleys and pathways with several steps. We had a hard time going up and down to get our things, esp. the strollers of the kids. If you have companions on wheelchairs, it is not advisable. Otherwise, they should stay up on the tents. Not safe for little kids or toddlers too, who are so malikot, they might roll down from the stairs or jump into the river anytime if without close adult supervision, because the cottages beside the river has no fence.

But overall experience was great! We had so much fun and the seniors i had with me was able to relax in the cottage while we swim. It was windy and the air is fresh, definitely good for the heart and soul!

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Design your weekends!

Barangay Sta.Cruz Agoncillo, Batangas
(5 minutes drive from Xentro Mall Lemery)
100% WAZE-able
Contact No. 0935 688 2962

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