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Sometimes i'm irresponsible, i book hotels or accommodations a few hours before check-in. Have you tried? I'd experience it for like twice or thrice already in my life. That moment when you were undecided wether to stay in a hotel or drive yourself back home. Not a good idea, but quite smart too, as long as you have reliable wifi or mobile data connection, a responsive booking site like Agoda and an overnight suitcase readily available at the back of your car.

Early this year, i was in manila with the kids to attend a party, and to check out some book sale. I have plans of staycationing BUT i didn't book any hotel. I thought that just in case we still have time to drive back home, we'll just drive. But in any way, i also packed a small suitcase with a few clothes for us so that when we get tired and decided to stay in Manila overnight, we can survive. Fast forward to that weekend, we were in Manila and come lunch time, in a snap i booked a room at The LUNETA HOTEL. Instant confirmations are real life savers. Thanks Agoda!

Why The Luneta Hotel? Because it's the only available hotel that's first; within the budget, second; it's the most accessible to our areas of interest, and 3rd; when i saw its photos in Agoda i was impressed at how old-fashioned yet elegant it is. And when we finally came over to check in, it didn't disappoint me. All the more when i learned about its history.

Who doesn't like history? It's not boring to learn and explore historical places and sites. I love it! So let me share a short story about this hotel. It was built in 1919 and closed down in 1987 but it re-opened again in 2014. It was designed by a famous Spanish Architect Salvador Farre. It provided lodging for the society's elite, foreign dignitaries and officers and men of the American military during World War II until it was abandoned and then closed in 1987. It was amazingly one of the few structures that survived the bombing of Manila during the war. It has been decreed as a national landmark in 2014 by the Phil. National Historical Commission after 7 years of massive renovation.

The hotel has only 6 floors and 27 spacious and sophisticated rooms. I love how intricate the designs were from the windows, the carvings on the fixtures, the ceilings and the lobby was like a stunning mini palace with all the gold and velvet black furnitures.

Talking about old structures and historical buildings, one might get goose bumps when visiting or even sleeping over. But NO, so far we didn't have any problems with lost souls and friendly ghosts. We actually had a good night sleep.

The room was clean. The mattress was perfect. We were upgraded to a Superior - King Sized Bed and the room was very spacious. The marbled bathroom is also a +1 since they don't have a pool, the bathroom has a bath tub and the kids enjoyed their bath time so much.

Staffs were also very accommodating and attentive to our needs. We had breakfast at their cafe / restaurant which is called the Cafe Yano. I love the elegant vibe of the cafe which is perfect for intimate gatherings or private dinner. I ordered their Filipino Breakfast plates. Food was also good but nothing really wow as it is the normal breakfast plate in a hotel.

The location is also something you may want to consider because it is just a tumbling away from Luneta Park, Manila Bay and Manila Ocean Park, if you don't mind walking. We visited Intramuros and National Museum too for the kids to enjoy the weekend more and it was also very near. Just beside the hotel is a 7-Eleven Convenience Store where you can buy other things which you might need while staying.

There's a small corner too, inside the hotel near the lobby which to me looks like a mini-museum where you can find historical artifacts and photos taken during the old times. Interesting that these were being preserved and showcased for guests to see and appreciate. I saw a lot of foreigners and backpackers who were checked in here, and it seemed like they were into some serious travel and study of the Philippine history and culture which is quite heart warming as a Filipino.

My thoughts about The Luneta Hotel? Overall experience was great and i would recommend this hotel for travel enthusiast and history buffs. Include in your itinerary other historical landmarks around the area to get the most of your Manila Tour!

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Design your weekends,

The Luneta Hotel is located at
T.M. Kalaw St. Ermita, Manila
Contact No. : (+632) 88758921 to 25

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