WHAT I WORE: Another Plain White Ensemble + #OOTD Giveaway!


If you'll notice on our most recent weekend funaway posted on my blog, i was wearing another pure white ensemble. And i super love how comfy and nice it is until i realized, i look like a sausage or a bun because, i don't know! Maybe i loose a few pounds already and it doesn't fit me well anymore. Or i gained weight again. [sigh*] Feeling ko tuloy para akong saranggola! (kite) Lol!

I also realized that i forgot to take still photos of the beautiful place from that weekend series we had at Marian Orchard because most of my files were on video format. Instead, i got solo photos! Lol! My mobile phone is flooded with my pics. Yes, i actually use my smartphone for blogs and vlogs. I don't use my DSLR camera, because i hate transferring photos from camera to PC and i hate carrying bulky items as such, because i still have to carry a diaper bag most of the time. :) 

So, instead of trashing the photos i had, i thought of sharing it here as another shameless #OOTD post. This plain white ensemble is from Uniqlo and it has very nice fabric and style. Very casual, yet very smart. It has two side pockets and a ribbon that you can tie on both sides. It is adjustable on the waist. I love wearing it on Sundays, or as an everyday outfit, or even at the beach. It is breathable. And since i don't feel like wearing it again (i wore this thrice only), i'd thought of giving it away! 

Do you guys like pre-loved clothes? Who loves pre-loved shopping here? 
I actually sell old clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Anything i take off from my closet, those i dont wear that much anymore, or those clothes that i have outgrown. It's one way of decluttering my home and at the same time earning from it. Sometimes, i donate the money i get from selling those pre-owned items to charities, to people i watch in TV news that needs help- i send it anonymously, or to those rare calamities that happens in my area that needs immediate help. Instead of giving it as old clothes/things, i sell them and the money i get from it helps me to buy them canned goods, toiletries or other stuffs that is more beneficial for them. [This is not bragging, i'm giving you ideas on how you can make good use of your old clothes, shoes, bags or other things in the home that needs to be disposed.] 

While on the other side, sometimes, i also use the money i earn from selling pre-loved to buy or upgrade my kid's closet, and even mine. The little things that needs to be replaced once in a while like their old socks, undergarments for school uniform, some sleepwears, toothbrush and other things they need. It's just me being wise when it comes to spending money, and allocating extra money not for "luho" but for necessities as well.

So, next time you have old clothes in the closet, think about recycling by selling them, specially if they are still nice. If you got 10-20 pcs of old tshirts from your kids' closet and you sell it for P 20-50 each, you'll get P200-500 pesos and that's something you can already use to buy new socks or slippers or give it to less fortunate people who needs food more than clothes and other stuffs. Di ba?

Going back to my #ootd, so this dress is up for grab! NO, i'm not selling it but i am giving it away to my random followers. Exclusively for Philippine residents only! I'll be posting the size and the full mechanics of this giveaway on my Facebook Page and i hope you guys can join! 

Own a piece from my closet by simply liking my Facebook Page and following me on my Instagram account. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel too and share this blogpost on your social media pages! Who knows you might be the lucky one and maybe next time, i'll be giving away a bag, a make-up, a shoes, or anything i can think of! This is my way of saying THANK YOU for your continued support to this blog and my recently launched Vlog!

I hope you guys can join!

Live. Laugh. Love. Dress up!

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  2. I am having a blog marathon😍 this is one productive way of spending time during the quarantine period. I've read some of your old post way way back... And andame ko na palang backlog😂 keep them coming ate beth❤️


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