What is your Favorite "ME" Time? (Feature: RT Residence in Tagaytay)


A week ago i attended a Women's Day Out event in the local church that i belong to and during the table discussion with other women moms we picked questions and tried to answer it. One of the questions i picked was, "What is your favorite me time?" 

Well, i could simply define "me" time as going into the salon to pamper myself from head to foot. It could be a relaxing massage, a luxurious foot spa, mani, pedi or facial. Or maybe a haircut or a new hair color. It feels good di ba? But honestly, my favorite "me time" is travelling all by myself. It's like going somewhere without anyone else (no kids, no husband, no friends, JUST ME). Quite weird but yes, it's absolutely the ultimate ME time! 

Having a day or two all for yourself, checking in a hotel or an Airbnb home, not thinking about cooking, laundry, messy floors, dirty dishes and noisy kids. All i care about is sleep as long as i can, eat whenever and whatever i want and tick off some of my loonnnggg to-do lists. Please don't judge me as if napakasama kong ina or asawa. Lol! It's just my way of recharging myself, and getting back my sanity. We all need self care - self love, because how can we radiate love and care to the people we value if we cannot take good care of ourselves. I'm an advocate of self care and i will always splurge myself into this kind of pleasure once in a while.

Talking about "me time", last February i was given the chance to do my long overdue "me time" and thanks to the husband kase inaway nya ako (o inaway ko sya?) that's why i have good reasons to run away for a short while. LOL! Kidding aside, i've been planning this for so long already. In fact, i had it in my calendar since last year- to go somewhere all by myself and disconnect from everyone else for two (2) weeks. But since, it's quite impossible because of the little kids, i mean, my schooling kids and the little one, hindi sya nangyari. But still, i'm thankful that i was able to squeeze in atleast two (2) days from my schedule because the husband is home and i have someone to look after the kids. 

ADVISE: Sometimes, it's good to leave the house and the kids to your husbands, that way we are teaching them to be mindful like a mom, independent and responsible in the home. They also need to learn how to run the house and everything esp. the kids, kase what if, mawala tayong mga moms/wives bigla forever? How can they survive? Well, maybe it's ok if the husband is the kind who is always involved and who knows everything in the home, but what if not? They'll get paralyzed. We'll never know what will happen to us so they need to learn too. Di ba? Or it's just me? But trust me, your husband will thank you for that. :) 

Now, this post is taking too long but in connection to my "me time", i found a place in Tagaytay where you can take your family or maybe yourself if you wish to have "me time" like me. RT - Your Residence in Tagaytay is where i stayed the last time i had the most needed time of my life.

I've been waiting like FOREVER to book a room at Nordic Homes pero hello! Always fully booked on my preferred schedules. Have you heard about their themed rooms? They're so famous with PSP and Netflix for free. But thanks to Airbnb, i found this place which is also in the same residence/ tower of Nordic Homes and the place is really very nice, cozy and clean. The owner is very accommodating and attentive to all my needs and the place seems to be very homey. Perfect for the family, perfect for yourself! Kaya hindi nako pumilit sa Nordic Homes that time, BUT i'm still waiting for vacancies on my preferred room there.

Anyhoo, if you're looking for a homestay in Tagaytay, RT - Your Residence in Tagaytay is located at Cityland Tagaytay Prime Residences near Rotonda. Adjacent is Mcdonald's and a few meters away is Fora Tagaytay Mall and a hospital. Just outside the condo tower are nice cafes and restos, a 7-eleven convenience store, banks, other hotels and a nearby flower/garden shop. Location is really very strategic. They got a swimming pool too and parking lots for a minimal fee. I got this room for only Php 1,600+ per night and that's quite a good deal!

I visited Caffe Nativo which is just outside the other building of the condo and they got great food! I was planning to eat at Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe which is also walking distance from the place but they're full, so i settled in at Caffe Nativo while it started to drizzle outside.

I had my Vlog trailer filmed in this place too, and i did it all by myself, oh di ba? Please watch my Me Time/Airbnb Home Feature/Weekend Series on my Youtube Channel and please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!

So that's it! For bookings on their unit, check them out at Airbnb. The host reply promptly and gives instant confirmation. You may check their Facebook page too, RT -Your Residence in Tagaytay

Love yourself,

Cityland Tagaytay Prime Residences
Tagaytay-Calamba Road, Brgy. San Jose,
Tagaytay City 4120
Contact No. 0908 883 1829

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