WEEKEND SERIES: Marian Orchard and just around the City


Hey! Here's another (long overdue) weekend series i had with my kids. Last February 17, 2019 on a fine sunny weekend we were out and about again for some funaway and i decided to visit Marian Orchard at Balete Batangas after church. Sometimes, thinking about where to bring the kids is a struggle. As much as possible, despite the fact that going out these days is very costly, i want them to explore outside. It is my way of controlling their screentime by encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors, play in the grounds, appreciate nature, interact with people, walk and become active, and create memories.

Most of the time, i will also insist that they should accompany me in the grocery. It's for them to learn about budgeting and shopping for necessities. They must learn how to define needs vs wants. But sometimes, [or most of the time] they doesn't like the idea. Because they were so hooked on their mobile phones, online gaming and social media. But as a mom we must be firm, hindi pwedeng sila masusunod! Di ba?

For this Weekend Series, our itinerary is the Marian Orchard, followed by supposedly our grocery time at the newly opened S&R Membership Shopping at Lipa City, Batangas. But unfortunately, the latter didn't push through because of the looonnngggg queue. I thought the lines will be normal after its grand opening last Feb.14, but come weekend, it's like a grand opening scene parin! 

So we decided to go to The Outlets at Lipa [again] and allowed them to play Go Karts. Then, we drove around the city to look for food. I was craving for buffet and also because i wanted to check out the newly opened Yakimix at Lipa Town Center but the wait list is also terrible so we ended up going home. Our last stop for the weekend was at Shopwise where we did the groceries and then a quick visit at the spa to check out my glow girls!

In a nutshell, it was another Sunday well spent with the kids. Marian Orchard was a nice place if you want serenity and nature. People come over to attend the mass and then enjoy the greeneries and the blooming flowers around the gardens. I am not a Catholic but i do appreciate this place. The location was a bit off the city but overlooking was the nearby Taal Lake and it's best to visit just before the sun sets. 

A minimal fee of P50 is collected at the gate. Food and drinks are not allowed but they have a cafe/snack bar inside. Restrooms are also available. Some areas are still being developed. The place is instagrammable. Perfect for unwinding, quiet time, decluttering your mind and spirit and simply cooling down, because the place is airy and cool specially late in the afternoon. This place is famous for religious pilgrimage too.

So, that's it! I hope you enjoyed this Weekend Series! Don't forget to watch this on my Youtube Channel and click SUBSCRIBE! See you next weekend!

Design your weekends,

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