Celebrating 13 years!


Buti na lang it's Monday the 13th not Friday the 13th! :D

Earlier this year we celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary and it was just a whole day well spent with the husband strolling around the city of Tagaytay [again]. Hindi halatang favorite ko ang Tagaytay ano? I used to book a staycation or a trip abroad or an out of town to celebrate our previous anniversaries, but this year i didn't make any major plans to celebrate. It's not because it isn't special anymore but because - nag-titipid kami! Lol! Kidding aside, maybe it was adulting that made me realize that sometimes the best way to celebrate an special occassion is to just wake up, take a bath, dress up, get in the car, and drive somewhere together without having any solid plans of where to go, where to eat and what to do. 

All your life you've been planning ahead, plotting your timeline and preparing for the future but sometimes your plans don't materialize. Maybe because it is not what God has designed for your life. Parang marriage, hindi mo minsan pwedeng ipilit kung sino ang gusto mo at mamahalin mo dahil sadyang may nakatadhana para sayo. Charot! On a serious note, i decided not to book the ticket and fly to our supposedly anniversary destination for the year because i have other major priorities this year that needs funding and i hope i can share it with you guys before the year ends. 
Excited ako dun, mas exciting kase yun kaysa sa anniversary namin! Abangan!

So, how did we celebrate?

Breakfast at Antonio's
Early morning we drove to Tagaytay and dined at Breakfast at Antonio's. I was filming while he was driving and since maaga pa, wala sya sa mood. Ganon talaga sya, for 13 years nasanay na ako. He was an introvert- the most serious type. I'm an introvert too, but i am more of the controlled/balanced type. 

It was hubby's first time there and I'm glad he enjoyed the food and the place. Breakfast at Antonio's is always my favorite, nakaka-goodvibes kase ang ambiance. One time i stayed there for like 3 hours, doing my blogs, had 2 cups of hot chocolate, a sandwich, plus take home breads. Food was a bit pricey but serving was sulit and most of all, masarap! Hindi nakakasawang balik-balikan. 

Acienda Designer Outlet
After breakfast we drove to Silang, Cavite because he said he wants to check the outlet stores. For the past years, ako yung naghihintay at naiinip sa kanya sa shopping. Yes! I do shopping all by myself, we seldom do shopping together. First, because he's always abroad. Second, when we visit the malls and really intend to shop, naghihiwalay kami. Dahil napapagod ako maghintay at maglakad sa kakaikot nya sa lahat ng shoe store only to find out wala syang nabili! Or kung may nabili man sya isang pair and saka pa nya yun mabibili after nya ikutin ang buong mall. So, imagine the biggest malls in Manila, lahat ng shoe store iikutin nya. And i was like, "Go find your shoes, i'll buy this and that and i'll wait for you in the coffee shop after!" 

But that's the fun part of our relationship, we used to be together, we like going out together but still, we give each other their own space and time. In our marriage, it also applies. We learned to distance ourselves from each other once in a while, not because wala kami paki-alam sa isat-isa but because we trust each other enough to let go of each other's hand, and that we value and respect our privacy and individuality. You don't have to be clingy all the time! Di ba? And when we get back together, andun yung bonding, ang daming stories to tell, experiences along the way which engage us into deeper conversations. It activates communication and mas nakikilala pa namin ang isa't-isa.

Ayala Mall Solenad
After Silang, Cavite where we didn't buy anything after waiting for like 1.5 hours until mall opening, we traced the Tagaytay-Sta.Rosa road planning to go to Alabang Town Center or Mall of Asia. But when we passed by Nuvali area, he decided to drop by there and later on decided to spend the rest of the afternoon at Ayala Mall and Nuvali, still looking for his shoes. Lol! 

Late lunch at Nono's
While the husband still looks for shoes, and some accessories for his new motorbike, and inquiries about his huge television set, i was hungry. So, i left him and looked for food. I was told to decide where to eat so i decided to try Nono's. Food was okay, not really wow for me, but i love the dessert, makes me want to have more. The place was also nice and cozy. While the husband didn't enjoyed much of his order, he keeps on telling me, he still like the breakfast at Antonio's.

 I'm the type of person, that when i go out, i splurge on food and would really try to discover new restos and try different menu. Those that are not available in the local area where i live and those that i can't easily cook at home. It's okay, coz why not? Hindi naman yan everyday eh! On the contrary, hubby wants "Lutong-bahay". He is the "Pansit-Guisado", "Loming Batangas" kind of person. He like sinigang, bulalo, kare-kare, and everything Filipino. And that, sometimes, is a struggle for us on where to eat, because we have different taste buds. I would always suggest BUFFET para maraming food choices, pero ayaw nya kase mahal! LOL!

For 13 years i learned how to accept our differences. He's quiet, i am loud. He likes indoors, i like outdoors. He likes cooking, i like eating out. He is routinary while i get easily bored with routines. He has rolls and rolls of patience, which i don't have. And many many more differences which i think made us perfect together. Marriage is about respect, being adaptable to change, being selfless, forgiving, compassionate, and loving every bit of imperfection you have as an individual. Acceptance always makes the home a peaceful place to live in. Totoo yun! You can't change him, only God can. 

Before leaving the mall and deciding to drive back home, we dropped by to his favorite store. One of his favorite shop is Uniqlo and i think he can spend a day inside the store looking around for everything that he needs and he likes for his closet. I learned to appreciate him that day by simply watching him changing and trying out clothes. And asking me if it looks good or not. When it comes to decision-making, he always wants me to get involved. In fact, in most of our major decisions as a couple or as a family, he would always tell me "I trust your judgement, ikaw na ang bahala" same thing with his clothes, even the color of his brief! Lol! 

Kidding aside, it feels good to have a partner who, despite being the head of the family, would always consider the thoughts of his wife. And i am grateful and thankful beyond words for the trust and the confidence he's giving me. I feel equal and not inferior because whatever it is that needs to be done, we do it together and we decide on it together. And i guess that is how a healthy marriage should work. 

It's the little and simple things...
In marriage it's always the little things that counts. Most of the time, we spend so much on things we really don't need and in this social media age, everything seems to be scripted and planned not because it was really a lifestyle and a habit but because people wanted to show off. I have this diary where i write the things i wanted to do with him and the places i wanted to visit in the future. I also have these albums. Yes, sometimes, our travels doesn't get a boost on social media because i don't want to post or it's not a priority. But i see to it that i print the photos and put it in frames. I also keep albums since we got married not until i learned about photobooks and now i'm into photobook collection where i have our photos and selfies posted and printed. Sometimes, we lost the real value and meaning of celebrations and memories because we put so much attention on temporary social media boosts. Facebook likes and comments seems to be a big deal. But it shouldn't be.

Looking back at our wedding anniversary celebration this year, i realized that it was the simplest we had since 2007 but it has so much impact and genuine happiness in our hearts. The transformation we had as a couple and as two different persons for the past 13 years is such a wonderful journey and i know it's all because of God being in the center of our relationship. When you were called to be together, even if you don't do it right in the beginning, God has his own way of redemption- of restoring your marriage and putting every thing into its place. He makes the wrongs right and he polishes the tarnished part of your marriage, giving it a brand new and shiny glow. God's design of marriage is beautiful and we learned to trust Him and allow Him to design our marriage the way He wants it to be. To become a testimony to our children and as a living example to the young generations. 

This is our story! And it's just a summary of our journey to the married life that i am proud of. I hope i can share more soon! And i hope you enjoyed our video and you learned something from here today. How about you, what's your story? I'd like to hear yours too! Coffee tayo? 

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!

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