Balik Alindog Program: Healthy Diet Delivery by Project Fit PH


One of my goals this year is to stay fit and healthy. I remember the previous years when i would always write in my New Year's resolution that i wanted to loose weight, but it didn't happen. But now, my perspective has changed. I was desperate to become sexy before without knowing that i am destroying my body, my immune system- generally my health by skipping meals, thinking that when i don't eat i will get slim and that is beautifully sexy. But when i learned about good nutrition by having a healthy breakfast through a wellness coach (thank you Coach Tine!) my life changed.

I started to become conscious with my body- my internal body. I became mindful of what i should eat and drink. And most of all, i learned the importance of having a balanced diet. I was taught that skipping meals isn't healthy and that i also need to exercise in order to burn fats and gain muscles. I did, and surprisingly i am happy with the results. I didn't get sexy but it feels good inside. I don't have plans of having that beach body with abs. All i care about now is how i could maintain an active, healthy lifestyle, because i want to live long.

I wanna see my grand children, i wanna retire healthy and strong so i can still do the things that i am passionate about, visit as many places as i can and take care of my family. I wanna enjoy the fruits of my hardwork today, because how can you enjoy your retirement if you are sick and weak, right? Just like diet, life must be in balance too. Basically, i wanna enjoy life to the fullest and that is my motivation why i work out, why i eat healthy.

Talking about health, diet and exercise, just recently i discovered about this healthy meal plan delivery. I already knew about this years back, during my frequent stay in Manila. Most of my co-bloggers and my influencer pegs are having these meal plans and i was like drooling over those food. They look good and seems like they all tastes yummy and ofcourse, healthy! Unfortunately, no provincial deliveries, so nga-nga!

But when i saw Project Fit PH on Facebook, my hopes suddenly shoot! And i said, "Okay i'm gonna try this one". Because they are calorie counted meals which means it is the ideal meal i need for my fitness goals, i ordered my first meal for a week. I was advised to have a low calorie, high protein diet. But the struggle is real! So, i thought this is the answer! :D

How does it work?
I tried Project Fit PH for like 2 weeks, with interval and i am one satisfied customer. If you are into a serious diet and health program you should try it. They also design meals specific for different health conditions like diabetic meals, heart disease and renal.

Project Fit PH delivers your meal right at your doorstep. Included in the package is a 5-days meal plan which includes Breakfast, AM snack, Lunch, PM Snack and a Dinner. Each meal for the day is delivered the day before the consumption. My first day was Monday, and so my food was delivered Sunday late afternoon and that is composed of five (5) meals for the next day. I keep it in the fridge then microwave each meal according to the plan. They are stored in microwavable plastic containers, tighly covered. It comes with the menu on the note and the number of calories.

Each meal is designed specifically for your personal health goals. Mine is weight loss or weight management- i need to loose some pounds in order to achieve my ideal body weight and so, i need to stick to a caloric intake based on my current BMI. I was given 1,300 kcal/day and i guess the servings of my meal is based on the required caloric intake of my body.

How does it taste? 
Well, i have nothing but good words to say about their food. At first, i thought hindi ko magugustuhan. I was imagining healthy foods and when you say healthy foods, most of the time hindi sya masarap. Though, im a fan of salads and fruits, pero when it comes to healthy gourmet foods parang feeling ko hindi masarap at trying hard sa panlasa. But surprisingly, lahat masarap! I was so happy that i get to eat a complete meal each day without depriving myself of good food and without being guilty na nasarapan ako pero it didn't add an inch into my hips. I know i'm getting the right nutrition for my body while satisfying my tastes buds and i think that's the fun part. I am amazed at how they come up with menus that are healthy yet satisfying.

How much does it cost? 
Well, maybe this is the part kung saan curious talaga kayo. "Magkano?" "Baka mahal?" "Worth it ba naman yung presyo?" "Hindi ba lugi sa serving?" For me, it's worth it. I actually got the 5-days meal plan for Php 1,950. That is good for 5 days already, complete from Breakfast to Dinner with snacks. Before, i thought mahal sya! Then i started calculating my daily food expenses. For someone like me who used to be out and about most of the time, on the average i spend Php 500 a day for a meal from lunch, snack to dinner, sometimes more, kase addict ako sa Milk Tea! :D If i would be spending Php 500 a day for 5 days that is already P2,500. And that is mostly junk food (Fastfood, Breads, Pastries, Carbs, Sugar, oily foods) and everything that is not healthy and will not help me with my fitness goals. Project Fit PH's meal is just around Php 390 per day and that's cheaper plus healthier. And it's complete from breakfast 'til dinner without depriving yourself with snacks, so it's sulit for me. Hindi ba? Plus, there's no cooking! This is perfect for on-the-go people, and those who used to live solo. Kakain kana lang, hindi kana magluluto! 

How to order?
You can check out Project Fit Ph's Facebook page to learn more about their Healthy Diet Delivery Program. Below is their contact information too. 

Please don't forget to watch the latest video on my Youtube Channel featuring the meals i got from Project Fit PH. I wasn't able to film all of my meals but i got photos compiled on the vlog, so please check it out there. Your comments, likes and shares is highly appreciated. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE too! 

Stay Fit and Healthy!

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