WEEKEND SERIES: The Ginger Bread House


As promised, here's the second installment of our Weekend Series #2!

Do you know that there's a place where Christmas is celebrated the whole year? And i love it how cute and artsy every corner of this house is. The Ginger Bread House located at Alfonso, Cavite is a place where you can feed your senses with Christmas vibes all year round. The chilly weather of Tagaytay makes you want to embrace the coolness of December anytime of the year. The colorful surroundings is already a feast for the eyes. The smell of freshly baked breads will make you crave for some. And their delectable food served inside the Ginger Bread House itself is but a treat for the growling tummies!

I've learned about this place through social media and decided to visit it once we set foot at Tagaytay once again. Tagaytay has always, always been my go-to place for some breath of cold air, and gastronomic cravings. I can live here, alone, all myself and i won't feel lost or lonely.

There are several areas where you can take all the photos want. The place is like a Christmas Village sitted in a remote area of Alfonso, Cavite. We actually had a hard time finding the place because the road from the main highway going to the place is a bit narrow.

It was a few minutes drive away from the city proper but the road going to the place itself is quite a challenge especially at night, liblib kase sya talaga! But it is waze-able naman! So just set your waze map to Ginger Bread House and you can reach your destination in no time.

The Ginger Bread House itself is a restaurant where they serve freshly baked pastries, cakes, breads, pasta, main courses, sandwiches and a lot more on the menu. We were about to order but it's getting dark already and it would take about 30 minutes before they can serve the food so we decided to leave.

Nonetheless, i was entertained by how consistent the interiors of the house is. Every corner is christmas-y! There's a huggable giant bear too which my little son was so fond of and upstairs is a play area for kids. 

Activities like smores-making at the Smores Bar and Hot Chocolate is something you can try at a minimal fee, they have friendly staffs that will assist you. 

There's a Fish Spa too where you can soak your feet while the spa fishes feast on your callous for like 20 minutes. My kids enjoyed this activity. While my little boy enjoyed playing in the mini playhouse and running around the different areas where colorful inflatable characters are everywhere.

There's a playground with slides fit for older and younger kids, a corner for family shoots and couples and a Museum where you will learn about its story.

Just before we went out, there's also a Dream Catcher corner where you can make your own dream catchers with a fee, ofcourse. Looking around the whole place, i can sense that the idea was made out of passion with all the written inspirational words in each area, encouraging you to dream, believe, keep the faith, keep moving.

They also have another cafe outside where they serve their own baked doughnuts and signature milk tea! We hadn't try it but it was nice to have some refreshments after the tour. I bought some breads from their bakery and it was sooo good! I'm a fan of breads and i knew it, from the smell pa lang and the taste, the density and tenderness, it was perfectly baked.

FINAL VERDICT? Well, its worth the visit naman if you have kids around, yes, they will enjoy most of the activities. But if you're an adult with co-adults you might not appreciate everything in there apart from taking multitude of photographs because, YES, every corner is instagrammable but there's nothing really wow and noteworthy for me, maybe because of the location.

For the price of P50 per head as entrance fee to the place, its quite reasonable. Like what i have mentioned, the location is a bit off because it is in a remote area and it feels like scary driving there alone specially at night. Overall, its a unique place to visit if you have some spare time in Tagaytay area and you want to entertain your kids! TIP: Arm them with mosquito repellent patches or lotion :)

So, that's it! This sums up our Weekend Series #2 on my Youtube Channel and I hope you enjoyed this feature. Let me know through the comment section below if you have questions and i would love to read your thoughts about this place.

For more details visit their Facebook page: The Ginger Bread House PH

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