WEEKEND SERIES: Fantasy World and Acienda Designer Outlet


Hello there! Welcome to another weekend which was long overdue! Hahaha! This new episode on my Youtube Channel was filmed last January 20, 2019 and my apologies for the late posting! As you all know, the first month of the year is always hectic with so many deadlines to meet and so many planning to do!

Glad i was able to slowly finish one at a time and so here i am again, writing in my online journal about our weekend wanders as a sort of entertainment while creating or documenting memories with my family.

First itinerary for this weekend is the old and abandoned park in Lemery Batangas - the Fantasy World. It's been ages ago since i heard news about the place and eveytime we pass by that area on the way to Tagaytay i couldn't help but wander what's inside. I thought it was closed and it isn't open for the public. But when a blogger came and featured it on his channel, surprisingly, it gained popularity and i hope there would be future developments for this tiny piece of destination in Batangas.

We came here morning of Sunday before going to church in Tagaytay and suprisingly the place is full of visitors. We were scared at first because we thought nobody is there or maybe there would only be a few people who would care to visit the place on a weekend, but i was wrong! Ang daming tao! Originally, if you will enter the place, you need to pay P1,000 good for 10 people. If you're less than 10 people you still need to pay the full price of P1,000.

TIP: Before you enter the gate, there are locals who used to be agents that will ask you how many people are you and you can ask them to wait for other people or join you in another group to complete the 10 minimum pax required so you'll only pay P100 each. And that's basically what most people do, para tipid!

As we walk inside, it has a sleepy vibe, with a touch of nostalgia. The place looks pretty instagrammable despite the olden towers and rustic features. Most of the visitors were teens and some family with small kids. There were also pre-event photoshoots happening during our visit, like a 7th birthday shoot that has a princess theme. I just don't know how much do they ask for photoshoots.

There were very few old rides, a tree house tower with a foot bridge which we didn't cared to try. I am just after safety and precautionary measures because the bridge looks like it would crack anytime. I won't allow my kids to take the risk. We'll never know when accidents will happen.

Inside another tower are costumes for rent where you can take your pictures (unlimited shots) while in costume for P300. We didn't try because i find it too pricey for just a souvenir photo. They also sell fish feeds, but the kids were so disappointed with the fishes, they are very very few in a dirty muddy fish pond and they're all hiding. My kids didn't enjoyed fish feeding at all and it was like a trap when you get to the entrance and saw the sign "FISH FEEDS for SALE" - please don't buy! Inside the area also is a small store where you can buy snacks, drinks and ice creams which was also overpriced. :D

There's actually not much to see or do. But it was nice to see and discover the place if you are after curiosity. I appreciate that despite the olden towers and buildings they still managed to maintain the garden and the fountain area. But if you'll ask me if i will come back? NO. I've had enpugh photos taken already at the place. LOL! Maybe in the future if there will be new developments, (i hope they could find a company that will finance the property in order to regain what they've lost and to offer something new to the public).

Following our visit to Fantasy World is our visit to Acienda Designer Outlet where i was able to check out a few outlet stores. The place is huge and pretty nice. The Windmill Cafe was an attraction to many but i wanted to try what else can they offer and if it's good. So, expect to have a sequel of our visit to this outlet store in Silang Cavite.

Most of the stores were still closed but being an outlet shopping area, i was expecting to find cheaper goods and i think they delivered it well naman. I can't wait to check out more shops in the future!

So, that's it! Third stop for this weekend's itinerary is the Ginger Bread House at Alfonso Cavite which i decided to feature on another blog. So, stay tuned! And please do watch our Weekend Series on my Youtube Channel. Click SUBSCRIBE  and the bell icon to turn the notifications on, so that you will be notified each time i upload a new video.

Design your weekends!

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  1. We have the same sentiments over not going back again at the abandoned Fantasy World. It was 2010 when my colleagues and I had a trip and it seems like there's still not much difference aside from the sellers. :D Hirap na talaga ngayon umasa sa mga pasyalan, masyado ng na hype ng mga filter :D


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