WHAT I WORE: Living Coral - A Touch of Pantone Color


It’s time for another shameless #ootd blog! Last month, I had my first meeting with my staff plus some important, business related errands that I need to settle asap. Since i'm in hype for the new year and new exciting things on my way, it inspired me to dress up a little nice. I have this belief or maybe just a feeling, that when you dream and plan and envision something to happen, you have to feel good inside and ofcourse, put your best foot forward, dress up, show up and never give up!

Power dressing has been a way of life and its always a great feeling when you see yourself all dolled up. For me, it means that my sanity is still intact. Lol!

For this #ootd I chose WHITE! Because it's clean, and it's pure, just like my intentions. If you don’t know yet, my favourite colour has always been green. But for clothes, I love white and black. It's either I wear pure white, or pure black or a combination. Both colours exudes elegance wether its a combo or not.

My inspiration for all white ensembles is the posh Ms. Heart Evangelista. But the person that I really love to emulate when it comes to black and white pieces, (but mostly black) is Ms. Cat Arambulo-Antonio - a mom blogger and social media influencer. Oh, she’s my idol when it comes to fashion and beauty! And the confidence she has just glows all naturally! Of all my vlogger and blogger inspirations, I think she’s the only one that I hadn’t meet yet and I hope soon! :)

Going back to my ootd, this dress has a touch of pantone color of the year which is Coral or Living Coral. I got this a few months back and i immediately fell inlove with the neat and dainty design. The coral/peach color print on the upper side is just perfect to start the new year. Well, sorry but sometimes i still can't get myself out of some beliefs, but most of the time naman its for fun lang. I just thought the pantone color will add some lucky vibes. :) Hahaha!

It can be worn as a Sunday dress or beach dress too! Just get a nice pair of flipflops and boommm! Hello Summer feels! But since i'll be out for a very casual meeting, and i feel like using my orange pump that i think matches the print and my orange bag, so it basically became a touch of orange on white. For me, it doesn't just look cool in the eyes but i feel really cool and light, wearing white.

So, what do you think? Is it yay or nay? 
Whatever, i just love it and expect to see me wearing this often in the next months. 
Light weight, and breathable clothes are just in for the hot summer days.

I would love to read your comments and ootd suggestions below! 

Live, Laugh, and Dress Up!

Dress: Plains and Prints | Shoes: Payless Shoe Source | Bag: Celine Mini Luggage 

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