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Hello lovelies! Grabe, February na pala! And until now, hindi parin mag sink-in sa akin na natapos na ang one month ng ganon kabilis! How fast time flies, feeling ko wala man lang ako na-accomplish! Lol! 

If you'll notice the title of my new blog, it's all about "What I Wore?" No, this is not a new category, but just a revision of my former outfit-of-the-day blogs that i wasn't able to update on a regular basis. Why? Because first, i can't find time. Second, i'm having a hard time posting about what i wear regularly because, yes, admit it, time consuming din ang magpapicture every now and then lalo na kapag nag-mamadali di ba? (yung mga hindi busy at priority mag-flaunt ng #ootd, clap clap clap!) And third, wala akong maisip na title for every single #ootd post! So i came up with the idea of revising the Mommy Fashion and Style category into #WIW (uy, new hashtag! short for "What I Wore") So maybe, since i made it simpler na, i hope i can do a regular entry for this category. 

What I wore will be a compilation of my #ootd na hindi naman ganon ka-bongga! I just want to share it here so that when i'm old and gray, i can look back to myself and say, Ooooohhhh! Maganda naman pala ako nuong panahon ni kopong-kopong! LOL! And also, this is to encourage other moms, to be confident and look at their best, regardless of who you are or what status in life you have. We all deserve to be beautiful! This can also be a go-to resource for shopping tips, unique style, newly discovered clothing brands and inspiration. I support #NoToMomShaming and #StopBodyShaming movement so expect this to be an all out and shameless blogpost. I've been doing this on my instagram for so long already, and you may follow my hashtag #BetchieStyle to check out my #ootd every now and then.

So, to start with, sharing here is my #ootd some weeks ago during a weekend trip to the Outlets. If you hadn't read or watched it yet, you can check it here or watch it on my Youtube Channel

Somebody once said that i don't look like a Mom at all when wearing a sneakers, a plain dress or in shorts and shirt and sometimes with a denim jacket. Flattering of course! But kidding aside, i am very much comfortable wearing plain and simple on-the-go clothes. Plus, i get to run faster after my little kid in tow. 

I got this dress in a night market at Nuvali some years back (yes, i buy in Tiangge, why not?! hindi naman kelangan mamahalin lagi at signature ang damit! nasa nagdadala yan!) and i wore this many times when i was still preggy with my Baby Thirdy. I was about to give it away when i realized i can still use it. Kase, i honestly love wearing loose clothes to hide my fat deposits! LOL! And this is just perfect, except the sleeveless design which flaunts my huge arms! Pero kiberrrr! Basta i'm comfortable ok na yan! 

That "childish spirit" which sometimes, i really am! And it's just so liberating how acting and feeling like a child once again makes life light and easy, hindi ba? Minsan, maganda rin to dress like "bagets", it hides your wrinkles psychologically and parang you're free in spirit. Try nyo rin mga Momshies! So that's it! Actually, mai-connect ko lang talaga yung title na "Childish Spirit" dito sa blogpost! :D

I hope you enjoyed this! And mas mag-eenjoy kayo kung panonoorin nyo yung "Weekend Series" Vlog ko on my Channel. Below is the link ulit! :) Don't forget to subscribe!

Let's encourage everyone to be better and do better. Kasama narin ang look good and feel better!

Be confidently beautiful with a heart,

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