"Bravery isn’t something you are born with, it is acquired over time as you gain life experiences".

It’s not just another year but another month has slipped through my fingers and the only thing that I wanted to remember were just the happy memories and all the learnings I got from those days, weeks, and months. As of this writing, i am far away from home, and enjoying the company of myself, because, this is how i wanted to start my year. Yeah, maybe a little bit late but it's all good than never. I really planned some months ago that i will be leaving for some weeks (if possible) or a few days to travel alone, to disconnect myself from everything and i’m thankful that there are some issues that urge me to do this that instant. 

Last year has been an amazing year and I couldn't get the right words to describe what I really feel inside. Blessings and trials were both part of my journey as an individual and us, as a family. Looking back at how the previous year started, it's just overwhelming seeing how God works miraculously in all our endeavours.

Nothing beats that feeling when you get to realize how a dream that was once written became a goal and now it was here, finally a reality. I cannot help but praise God and just thank Him for everything, as in everything for without His guidance, none of this would've been possible. You see, when you trust God, everything just fall into place.

Last year, my mantra was to be BOLD and I didn't stop just there 'coz I believe greater things are coming! So for this year my mantra is to be BRAVER. Big word, sounds ambitious, and quite frightening. But why not? If you think you can, and you have tried and was able to pull things together, now that you're there, then get braver and do more! Just don't forget to keep that FAITH! 
Because our God is greater. 

I'm Braver...
#Braver2019 is not just a hashtag but an inspiration and an attitude that I wanted to practice not just this year but for the rest of my life. There are many times before that I am so weak, and always in worry, but last year taught me how to really go out of my comfort zone, and reach for those dreams. To have a vision for the future and to plan, prepare and pray for it. It is always easier being said than done but once you get into the habit of working and pushing for what you really want, everything else follows. But most of all, if you pray for it and keep knocking at the door, God will surely open the gates of heaven and pour down enormous blessings that you yourself will get overwhelmed. Yes, it's true, it happened to me and it's a lifetime testimony of how great God is, in my life. 

How to be Brave?
It can take a little time and a lot of patience with yourself, but with a positive attitude and a helpful environment, you’ll eventually overcome those fears and become braver than you ever thought possible. Bravery doesn’t mean you are not scared, it means that you’re afraid but you choose to move forward anyway, even in the scariest moments. 

Fear can mean two things; It can be a clue that maybe you shouldn’t be doing that or going that way. But it can also be an opportunity to grow yourself, personally, emotionally, physically, professionally by choosing to be brave and have the courage to pursue despite the feeling of rather, run the other way. 

Being brave is not just all about confidence and having the conviction that you can do it all by yourself. Being brave for me, is trusting the higher  being and having the discernment to hear what God really wants us to be.

Pray. Believe. Achieve.
I hope this will serve as an inspiration for all your endeavors this 2019 and beyond. Let us encourage each other to be braver and bolder in working for our dreams while trusting and believing God.
To focus not only in the works of our hands but also on the spiritual world that is ruled by God.
And to make the right decisions based on hearing through prayer what is possible for God.

Be Brave!

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