WEEKEND SERIES: The Outlets at Lipa & Dayton Food Park


Hola! I'm back with some good news. Well, good news for my avid followers (wow ha, parang ang dami!) and maybe bad news for my bashers (hello sa inyo! i know you're still watching and reading my v/blogs!). Well, If not for the both of them, my social media presence, ranking and monetizing would have not been possible, so I love and appreciate both! :)

This is just a quick post about the newest series on my Youtube Channel and of course this blog page, which (i hope) I will be able to update constantly. Maybe not weekly, but atleast once a month.

WEEKEND SERIES - is a series of episodes about our weekends! It can be anything like a short drive in the nearby market place or park, a quick funaway in the nearest beach, our grocery hauling, some occasional explorations around the city or nearby municipalities. Some, maybe our out of town trips, road trips, a visit to the mall or new outlets and all the crazy wanders with my family. This could also include some get together with friends and other people in our lives.

The series also includes our Gastronomic Diaries. If you're following me on Instagram, you might be familiar with my hashtags #gastronomicdiaries and #mommyqueeneats. These are some food trips that we do whenever we are out and about or sometimes, it's just the usual take I have on food, my favourites and new discoveries. I love trying out new restos and food hubs once in a while, and sometimes, when schedule permits and the budget cooperates (LOL) I really try my best to check out places where there is good food with a nice ambiance. It's also a way of de-stressing myself after all the busy days and nights I've been through.

So, for my first entry on the weekend series, we went to the Outlets at Lipa and then followed by a gastronomic experience at Dayton Food Park. The Outlets at Lipa is the newest and I think the first in Batangas area which caters to a whole lot of choices of different brands that offer factory prices or specially discounted rates. The place is quite big and I was excited about my favourite brands that are mostly available there. This is good news 'coz I need not go to Alabang or visit the Metro in case i'll be needing some quick shopping or retail therapy for the stressed soul. :D

 Most of the stores are still closed or under construction, but I hope they'll open soonest. I love the Nike Factory Outlet as always because of their affordable display of shoes and sportswear. I got to buy a training shoes for my latest gym enrollment and was using it like everyday. The USDS Dept. Store is also a good stop whenever you're around. They got reasonable prices of imported goods like bags, shoes, sports wear and accessories, clothes, perfumes and watches. Some are even at their lowest deal of 75% off. 

What I'm excited about the outlets are the brands like H&M and my favourite 158 Designers' Blvd. H&M is my family's go-to shop for everything from kids to adults, shoes, bags, clothes and even the home. And I wish their branch here in Lipa will be as huge as the ones in Manila. 

The Designers' Blvd., if you don't know yet, is where I buy some of my designer bags and shoes either at their Alabang Town Center Branch, or the Newport Mall at Resort's World. They also have a branch at Paseo Sta. Rosa if ever you'd like to check it out but the brands there are not that much. They got designer items from average to high end brands like Gucci, YSL, Furla, DKNY, Kate Spade, Longchamp, Charriol, Michael Kors, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein and a lot more. Their prices are cheaper, usually on sale. But not that "cheap". Still, high end brands are quite expensive but they got good deals sometimes that you just can't ignore. Plus the fact that you can avail their items at 3-months 0% interest for major card holders, that's kind'a steal. But if you have cash, I suggest go for cash. Credit card is good but its always better to live within your means. :-)

There were few available restaurants when one gets hungry. But very very few choices. Sooner there will be more for sure. The Outlets also has a multi sports field, which we thought was just a football stadium, but its not. It's a multi sports area and some sporting events already took place there. 

The kids enjoyed their time at the Pedy Go Karts. It's available for rent for P50 per 15 minutes. The kids drove around the park and we love staying there and taking pictures because of the windy and cold atmosphere. What I noticed and I just want to mention was the parking lot which is a bit small. BUT, I'm not sure if there's another carpark area at the back or the other sides that are under construction. Compared to Acienda in Silang, Cavite where parking is really spacious.

Right after our visit in the Outlets at Lipa, we went to Dayton Food Park for some snacks. I have all these places on my list long time ago but as usual, I can't find time. There were a few choices of restos there but the one that was really jampacked is the Burger Mania where we ordered a giant burger with a kilo of french fries and a pan of baked macaroni. Unhealthy food, yeah, but once in a while the kids and I loves some cheat day. But in this case we were overloaded with junk. Nonetheless, food was okay. Nothing's really remarkable for the burger, its just big, but the baked macaroni was quite good. 

After the gastronomic experience, we drove back home full and happy and of course ready for another grind the following Monday. Weekends are blessings! And I won't trade it for anything in the world, specially when I'm with my family, most of all my kids. It will always be for them!

I told earlier that this is just a "quick" blog but it turned out long. Lol! If you're no good at reading long posts, below is the Vlog of our first ever "Weekend Series" for the year! I hope you'll enjoy watching and don't forget to comment, like and share! I want to hear your thoughts and I'm open for any suggestions for our next weekend funaway! 

Cheers to the weekend! 

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