New Year Countdown to 2019!


Hello there! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had their share of a happy, healthy and a prosperous new year! How did you celebrate the media noche?

This year's New Year celebration for us was simple and quiet compared to our previous New Year's Eve countdowns. Why? Because we used to celebrate NYE with my parents who come to our home every 31st of December. We'll have some firecrackers, while watching the fireworks from the neighborhood and enjoy a feast of delectable foods that will occupy our fridge for a week until all leftovers were done, then that's the time we get to cook new and fresh dishes! LOL! :)

Kidding aside, this year's celebration is different only because, it isn't loud and we miss our significant family members specially the husband who happened to be overseas for work. However, it was still bright and joyful because of the kids. And in my heart the celebration is full of hopes and dreams. Ofcourse, the gratitude always remain the same.

It has been an amazing year for us and God had always been faithful with His promises. Nakakaiyak lang when you get to look back and realize how we've come this far and it was Him who did all that.

Part of the many things that I am thankful for last year was my upturn in the blogging career which I really really love doing and of course the re-launching of my Youtube Channel which I had since 2014 after closing my first account that started in 2012. We were once told by Ms. Valerie Tan and Vince Golangco (founder of When In Manila) during some blogger events years back that Vlogging is going to be mainstream but I didn't pay so much attention then. Not until early last year when I get to realize that this is gonna be a good platform too for my blogging business so I decided to fix it after stabilizing my newest venture last year. There are a few more glitches that I am still sorting but it's working all good. So please SUBSCRIBE na!

For my first blog and vlog for the year 2019, I documented our New Year's Eve countdown! Sharing below is my first ever Vlog for the year and I hope you'll be entertained by our simple NYE celebration in our humble abode. We are excited for this year's surprises and adventures and I hope I will have ample time to share it here! Please do watch and don't forget to like, comment and share!
Enjoy watching!

I would like to hear your thoughts too, about what I can improve on my vlogging and the topics that you wanted me to share or feature on the channel! Thank you for all your support since day one! 
I appreciate you all!

Spread Love and Happiness!

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