#BetchieStyle Features Love Marie Collection for Kamiseta


Hello there lovelies! It's been a while since I last updated this blog and it feels like ages since I last posted about some topics on style and #ootd's. Life's been busy as a bee and with all the sooo many to-do list, I intended to set aside this page for a while. Not until today, and early this month, that I get to realize that, nah, this page has been my creative release and I wanted to write everything here. I feel like de-stressing from all the chaos of life and this is my happy place, so please, welcome me back! :D

I feel a little bit tired lately, that all I wanted to do is rest, sleep, sleeepppp, sleeeepppp! Eat a lot, and do something I really like out of the blue, like reading a book that took me a year to finish (still flipping through the last few pages and it's been a month now since my last read) and doing some quick Vlogs! Yes! If you hadn't check it yet, head on to my Youtube Channel coz' I've been updating it once in a while. And of course, my favourite thing to do- dressing up! So for this blog post, let me share to you the newest addition and probably an addiction to my closet staples, the Love Marie limited edition pieces by Heart Evangelista exclusively designed for Kamiseta. 

I love how colourful and alive the collections are and knowing how Heart loves to dress up in all white, my favourite among her collections are the white pieces. The fabrics are very nice and comfy and the timeless cut and designs are really beautiful! Something you'll never get tired of wearing, even if you age. It perfectly suits every woman's status, be it a stay-at-home mom, a career woman, a party girl, a socialite. It carries everything! 

What's really special about the collection was Love Marie's art and personal stye combined and transformed into lovely pieces. It's like wearing piece of her artwork with all the dramatic and creative details crafted by her talented hands and mind. If you haven't checked it yet, go and visit the nearest Kamiseta branch near you! You can also order online at www.kamiseta.com. Hurry! Coz' stocks are very limited and fast moving! 

Get a glimpse of some of the collection from Nuciti Central Mall Branch in Batangas City where I visited last week! Watch the full video on my Youtube Channel and don't forget to subscribe! 

I hope you like this guys! See you on the next blog!

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