LIFE LATELY: The Little Things


Hello there! It's been a while, I suddenly missed this page. If you're following me on Instagram, you might notice that i hadn't posted as often as before. Sometimes, it took me a week or more before i could post updates on my social media pages although once in a while i do postings only on Instagram stories. Well, because it's the quickest way to keep my followers posted, like "Hey! I'm still alive and kicking!" Hahaha! But seriously, life's been sooooo busy talaga lately. I feel like I was chasing time day after day with all my to-do lists. It's crazy!

Talking about the crazy schedules, deadlines and all that is happening in my life, i am still happy and excited about what these chaos will bring. So, instead of focusing on the hardships and challenges along the way i choose to stay positive and motivated about the future by looking through the little things that make my life worth living. Yes, it's the little things that oftentimes we're taking for granted because we're too occupied with the big things. But I've learned that these little things are the ones that gives us rest.

The little things that i do for myself once in a while like sorting my shoe rack gave me some sense of accomplishment. Since two weeks ago I've been going out like everyday to do errands for a new business venture which started early this year. So, going out means spending more time on shoes and i realized that i had more than enough pairs that honestly, i do not use on a regular basis. So one afternoon i thought of sorting them out and pulling off some pairs that i hadn't use for a year now. I gave them to someone who needs it the most and it gave me some sort of relief seeing my cramped shoe racks breathing in space once again. It gave me joy in my heart knowing that i made someone happy with my old pairs. Kaya next time, i will be sorting all our clothes in the closet naman. Why not?

The little things like co-sleeping with my Baby Thirdy gave me some rest. I didn't know that sleeping with my baby beside me could be more therapeutic than having him sleep on his crib. When my baby started sitting and crawling I immediately changed his newborn crib into a playpen because he's been so playful, it's not safe anymore. But when he was sleeping inside his playpen, he wakes me up many times at night crying for no reasons. So I tried putting him into sleep beside me on our bed and  I was surprised that he sleeps straight without crying. Sometimes he do not even ask for milk, but I do give him syempre! And he drinks kahit pikit ang mata and then goes back to sleep once again. It gave me rest. It's quite therapeutic too, having him beside me, and both of us sleeping soundly, there's a sense of security. And no more sleepless nights! Isn't that great?

The little things like cleaning the house, re-arranging the furnitures and discovering new and effective ways on how to maintain its overall cleanliness and orderliness reduces stress. I told myself that as much as possible, I wanted the house to be clean, smelling fresh and always visitor-ready. I know this is challenging and impossible at times, having three kids goofing around while i don't have a house helper to do chores for me. But, at least it should smell clean all the time. So, what do I do? Recently, I discovered using Downy as a curtain spray, na-try nyo na ba yun? 

As you all know, I'm a fan of Downy! So when i learned about Downy Garden Bloom with a mas pinabango scent, I bought one to try it for our clothes. Then i thought of using it as a room spray in my baby's playroom which i recently arranged. The scent was so addicting that i sprayed it all over our place specially to all our curtains at home. Amazing lang! Kase the scent doesn't fade away, it stays as if it was freshly sprayed! So now, the hotel-like smell at home is achievable with Downy Garden Bloom. Not only do i use it on my curtains but i also use it on floor mops. Try nyo din! I just dilute a small amount of Downy Garden Bloom with water then put it inside a spray bottle and booom! Na-achieve ko ang everlasting freshness and clean smell everyday. Hindi ba nakaka-wala ng stress kapag mabango at malinis ang place?  

Those were just some of the little things that keeps me going. Life lately was stressful, not because there's nothing good but because i choose to go out of my comfort zone to chase those dreams and it requires hard work and extreme determination. The daily grind was never easy. Looking at the BIG picture sometimes make me hold myself back. But when i get to just go along the stream of life, and keep in touch with the LITTLE THINGS, everything becomes light and easy. 

May we always find beauty in the little things, because these little things make big things happen. 
Do you agree? So, how's your life lately?

Embrace the little things!

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