Summer Scent and Style for a Fresh Summer Feel


The summer heat is on! Can you feel it? I've been quite skeptical to go out these days due to the scorching sun. In fact, I've been staying indoors most of the time and yet i still sweat even without heavy work and it's quite uncomfortable. But that doesn't mean i hate summer! In fact, summer is one of my favorite season, not just because it's beach time, but because i get to play with summer colors, and light and comfy summer dresses. And i would love to share one here!

During these days, one of the keys to make me feel comfortable is to wear light colored dresses or tops. Light-colored clothing reflects light, while dark-colored clothes absorbs light. Furthermore, light-colored clothing looks softer and cooler.

This light blue plain top in spaghetti strap is one of my favorite. Very light, breathable and can easily be paired with a summer short, denim jeans or my favorite square pants. I've been a fan of loose pants or square pants lately. It helps me to cover up my huge legs and thighs. Hahaha! Kidding aside, it's comfortable moving around, allowing some air to pass through the wide open bottom of the pants, unlike tight jeans that adds warmth on my legs. It looks like a skirt too, isn't it? Like it's time for some #ootd shoot anytime, very stylish! Hey, i'm photo ready!

Apart from the style and comfort, one important thing that makes me feel fresh this summer is making sure i smell good all day. And this is obligatory for me! Sweat is unavoidable and sometimes, when we sweat, the freshness dies. 

I usually stay away from heavy perfumes, specially those that are oil-based concentrate. I love colognes more, rather than using perfumes because they add up to the heat. It's a pain in the neck too (literally) whenever i use perfumes during summer.

And so what do i do instead??? I use parfum-scent fabric conditioner for my clothes!

I personally love DOWNY MYSTIQUE (from the Downy Parfum Collection). I LOVE how its fragrance lasts longer than expensive fine fragrances. Just recently, while doing some groceries, i hoarded quite a lot of Downy Mystique fabric conditioner to use for my summer dresses which has been in the closet for almost a year. 

It's been a rule of thumb in my closet to segregate clothes according to season. And now, as i officially welcome summer, i took off those clothes meant for the cool season and started hanging again my summer outfits. 

But before doing that, i made sure i wash them all with Downy Mystique. It saves me big time from using my expensive perfumes and i don't worry much about sweating. It gives me confidence even if i sweat because the scent is powerful, it stays the whole day. Freshness is really achievable specially this summer break with Downy Mystique! 

Looking fresh, feeling fresh and smelling fresh is important during this high season. The heat can affect almost our entire well-being and could sometimes be a culprit for unavoidable mood swings. Hence, dressing up, smelling fresh and making sure we get the right fabric suitable for the climate can help us overcome the pressure of the summer heat.

How about you? What is your favorite summer style and summer scent? 

Enjoy Summer!

Top and Bottom from Closet 28 | Jelly Sandals by Old Navy | Sling Bag with Tassle from Kate Spade

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