Sugar and Selfies at The Dessert Museum


I guess the love month just slipped through the 365 pages of my 2018. I wasn't able to feel the valentines! Speaking of valentines, just like chocolates, flowers and cakes, life is still and will always be sweet specially when I'm with my kids.

Talking about sweets, just a day after Valentines, my kids and I visited the newest attraction in Manila where everything you can find are sweet sugary desserts!

The Dessert Museum located at S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila is a 12,000 sq. ft indoor space which is composed of 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar-filled happiness, each with unique features to consider. It is the first and only in the Philippines to date where you can slide into, jump, play and swing through while exploring each uniquely themed-rooms.

It is not just a haven of delectable life size and giant sugar and sweets, ideal for selfies but it also contain cool facts about desserts!

I love how cute and dainty each and every room was designed and there are sugary snacks that are available for grabs too! It's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but the miniature version! My kids felt like they were Charlie, amazed at every corners of the room, playing, goofing around, eating desserts and posing while i took their photos.



Slide down through the pink-colored room full of donuts! This room does not offer a free dessert but you can surely take a lot of selfies with the hundreds of hanging donuts in pink frosting and sprinkles! They are not fluffy though.


Blue and white seems to be a boring combination but not in this room! Indulge yourself in a thousand more display of fluffy and giant marshmallows. 

At the other end of the room is a rainbow with a pot of edible marshmallows. This room offers each guest a marshmallow coated with three different fondues. You can choose between chocolate or strawberry!


This is one of my favorite room i guess! It's split in two colors, blue for nice and pink for naughty. Before you enter you will be caught with two doors in different colors which will eventually lead you to the same room.

You can play jump rope, see-saw or swing while enjoying another complimentary dessert, the pink and blue macarons!


Balloons and giant ice cream cones will greet you in the Ice Cream Room. There's not much to see or play with here but there's a free Ice Cream in Fruit Salad flavor and we love it!


The Gumball room is more like a playroom. It actually has a huge gumball machine where you can get inside and pose and play with colorful balloons flying around. Another attraction are the bubbles where you can step on the soapery dish while they put you inside a big bubble!


Next to the gumballs are gummy bears! Who likes gummy bears? Here you can see and take photos of larger than life gummy bears. Balloons and balls are just everywhere too, and my kids loved the trampoline so much! 

We even soaked ourselves inside the mini bathtubs with colorful plastic balls.This room also has a complimentary dessert- the gummy bears ofcourse!


The Cotton Candy room is a favorite room for my little daughter as she loves cotton candies! The room is passionately decorated in pink!

Pink giant cotton candies in cloud and tree forms from floor to ceiling. Plus a giant cotton candy machine at the middle to cater for all your Instagram photos. The room offers cotton candies too! 


Another favorite for me is the Cake Pop room! Not because it looks delectable with all those gigantic cake pops hanging upside down from the ceiling but because of the the yummy, real cake pops given to each guests. I love how it was baked perfectly and it compliments with all the decors around this room.

My kids and i had a lot of fun taking photographs while riding the big cake pops. climbing up is actually a challenge specially on the higher ones. The kids also enjoyed playing basketball in the room while i enjoy eating their cake pops! (Because they're already hyper from too much glucose!)

At the end of the tour, there was a surprise dessert given to guests before going out of the way to their souvenir shop. I guess they offer surprise desserts differently at the end of each tour. For us, we were given balloons with chocolates inside! 

The Dessert Museum is a fun and interactive place for kids and kids at heart. If you love selfies and sugar, then this one is for you. Colorful, fun and ofcourse, instagrammable! However, i find the admission rates a little pricey. Actually, you'd be paying only for the unlimited snap shots inside each room, plus the complimentary desserts (not all rooms has free desserts, but each sugary treats were all so good!). 

I wish they included a complimentary bottle of water because the bottled water inside the rooms are for sale for Php30 pesos each. Tickets are available for purchase online. Walk-in guests are also welcome but i would suggest to book your slots online at their website and please be there atleast 20 minutes before your scheduled time. They strictly accommodate only the number of people allowed per schedule in a 15-minutes interval. Guests with reservations online is always a priority.

Online booking saves you a little for Php 699 each plus a convenience fee, while walk-in tickets are sold for Php 799 each, weekday rate. For weekends it's Php 899! Advantage of booking online is that you'll be able to save your slot ahead because not everyone can be accommodated specially on peak hours and on weekends.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed our photos! To see more, please do check out my short Vlog about The Dessert Museum on my Youtube Channel. Enjoy!

G/F S Maison Mall, Conrad Hotel Manila,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Operating hours: 10 AM -10 PM
Mobile No.: +63917 506 2670

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