Life Lately: About 3 Things...


Hola! It's been a while since i last posted about my whereabouts and gastronomic diaries. 
Did you miss me? Hahaha!

Life's been really busy ever since i had my newborn. And it seemed like i was moving on a fast lane for the past 6 months as i haven't blogged about anything personal, including my birthing story (which is on my drafts) and now my baby is turning 6 months in a week's time! Where did time go???

It's like i lose track of the blogosphere too, 'coz I've been feeling like an alien at this moment of writing. Hahaha! Well, I've really decided to take blogging on a slow pace except for some major projects and brand collaborations that i cannot turn down yet. But please don't be sad, because i will still be writing on this page once in a while but not as often like before due to my call of duty, career, family and new ventures for the year. I always love sharing meaningful thoughts and opinions because it is my creative release. But, i will be doing it on a slow pace this year.

Anyhoo, I hope this post will make it up for my MIA days. I hope this will also serve as a welcome post for my first blog for the year! Well, not really first because i do had a few sponsored posts previously. But this is a personal one and it feels good to be back once again, writing my thoughts and just feeling carefree to butt out what's going on in my head.

I'm actually excited about 3 things!

First, is our on going project which i hope will materialize soonest just before the end of the first quarter. This has been a dream for years and we planned and prepared for it very well. Hence, we have to say no to other wants and unwise decisions/acquisitions for now which is kind'a hard and challenging. But we are more focused on what the future can bring and so, we need to start this asap! Of course, i will be revealing this, but not yet anytime soon.

Second, I'm looking forward to a winter trip soon with friends (yes, and i'm excited because i will be doing it for the first time and abroad without the husband and the kids). And also, I've planned for some getaways with my family in the middle of the year and i know it's going to be fun, i can't wait!

Third, my Baby Thirdy will be turning one on September and I'm planning for a big parteyyyy! We've decided to delay his baptismal/dedication because we thought of joining it in one celebration- 1st birthday and dedication on the same day and so i wanted to make it memorable and ofcourse fun for him and all his guests!

So, that's it! I still had so much on the list but these are what I am inspired about since the beginning of the year and it feels healthy talking about it and looking forward into it! 

How about you? What are you looking forward to this year? Share it!

Let us build up each other and inspire...

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