Mommy's Picks: Top 6 Baby Essentials for your Shopping List


One of the most exciting part of pregnancy specially on the last stretch is shopping for the baby's needs. From clothing, to feeding, changing supplies, bathing and grooming essentials and even to the smallest details, all of these needs to be prepared ahead of time. And it's always a good idea to plan early, at least a month or two before your expected date of delivery. We've done this a couple of months back and it was an overwhelming experience to be able to do it once again after 8 looong years! It's like having our very first born 10 years ago because i honestly do not know and cannot remember all of the essential things a new mom and a newborn baby should need. But ofcourse, it was fulfilling and very exciting at the same time.

Apart from the usual checklist which i will be sharing on another post, i'd thought of putting here together some of the brands that i use and had been using for ages while some of these are new to my experience.

Lactacyd Baby Bath

My newborn had a very sensitive skin, i guess all newborn does. But he was like extra sensitive that i think he got it from my genes. Just a few weeks after his delivery, rashes came out and it's so freaking plenty specially on his face. I was using a baby soap which I've used before with my older kids but since it's not "hiyang" to my newborn, his pediatrician suggested that i should switch to Lactacyd Baby Bath for the rashes. I was impressed at how it gently worked on my baby's skin that quick and i swear by the smell of it. My baby looks so clean, and smelling fresh all day like i'm getting addicted to sniffing his head from time to time.

Pampers Comfort Dry / Baby Dry

Baby diapers is one of the most important thing on a mommy's shopping list. I am actually using both cloth diapers and the disposable ones. I use cloth diapers at home, during daytime but whenever we go out for a short drive or travel, disposable nappies are the most convenient one. I also use it overnight so that the baby is dry all throughout his sleep and it saves me time from waking up and changing cloth diapers in between. Pampers has been my trusted product ever since i had my first born. I can still remember my husband bringing home huge packs of Pampers from abroad like it was the only "pasalubong" he got for me after 6 weeks of overseas work. Pampers Baby Dry or sometimes i use Pampers Comfort Dry are less bulky between the legs. They are so thin and breathable and i love the cloth-like back sheet. Most of all it is very absorbent and gentle on my baby's butt!

Cycles Sensitive Premium Water Wipes

I actually do not use baby wipes that often except for my grown up kids during those times when they get messy around eating and misbehaving like crazy toddlers. At home, i only use cotton balls and tap water to wash my baby's poop and whenever i needed to freshen up his butt in between nappy change. But during travel and whenever we're out and about, baby wipes should still come in handy. Having a baby with sensitive skin, I've been in the lookout for wipes that are hypo-allergenic and as much as possible chemical free just like water. I was so happy to discover the new Cycles Sensitive Premium Water Wipes recently while picking up some baby essentials from the store. They are pure, non-toxic and was made of 99.5% triple filtered purified water, hence, it does not leave toxic and harmful residue on the skin. It is hypo-allergenic, alcohol and fragrance free and no parabens. Perfectly safe for babies and i just love it!

Cradle Bottle and Nipple Cleanser

Breastfeeding and formula feeding at the same time requires mindfulness all the time. Not only do we need to ensure our baby's health through proper nutrition by giving them the nutrients required for growth and development but also, as a mom, we need to ensure that they are being fed with clean and sterile bottles and or eating utensils. Likewise, breast pumps for breastfeeding moms like me should also be clean and well-maintained. And for this matter i trust Cradle Bottle & Nipple Cleanser. There are some dishwashing cleansers that leave chemicals which may be toxic and harmful to our babies, and as parents we do not want to compromise. Cradle is safe, mild and non-toxic yet highly effective. I personally love the gummy smell and how tough it is on cleaning milk residues and foul odors on my baby's bottles and my breast pump. It doesn't create so much suds but it cleanses very well.

Ariel Powder Detergent

Poop and vitamins are usually the major cause of stains in newborn's clothes. When cloth diapering, poop stain is one of the things that gives me pains in washing. As much as possible i would like to stay away from using bleach for baby's clothes until such time that he is older already and if it is really necessary. I also do not like the smell of bleached clothes and so i use Ariel. I'm a fan or Ariel when it comes to stain removal. Honestly, any variant of Ariel will do as long as it's Ariel. And it's one product that has been a staple in my home ever since. Its effortless effect in removing stains with just soaking is magic. The smell is pretty good too and it really saves me so much time doing the laundry because i don't have to handwash and squeeze the clothes that much to remove unwanted stains.

Downy Baby Gentle

Eversince Downy came to the picture, it has been a staple in our household. From my Mom up to our good old laundry helper, and now into my home, Downy has always been in the shopping list. In fact, I've tried all Downy variants from the original Sunrise Fresh, up to their Parfum Collection and now, the Baby Gentle. It never fail to give me what i want and what i like when it comes to clothes. It's just sad that during my first born 10 years ago, Downy Baby Gentle was not yet out. What i love the most about Downy Baby Gentle is the smell! It's so "mabango"! The kind of scent that is not heavy on the nose, perfect for babies. I am rest assured that it is dermatologically tested therefore it is proven safe for baby's clothes. Since i had my newborn 3 months ago, I've been using Downy Baby Gentle for all his clothes, linens and blankets. I love how soft and fluffy the fabric is after every wash which is very suitable for my baby's sensitive skin. The smell is really addictive and i personally love how "sulit" it is. One sachet of Downy Baby Gentle can actually wash a lot that sometimes, i used to include my clothes too!

Often times, getting all the needed supplies is all we can think about when shopping, but as for me, being mindful of the quality of the products over quantity is important more than anything else. After all, it is our baby and we only want the best for them.

So, there you have it, Moms! I actually have a lot more on the list but these are just some of my favorites! 
How about you? What is your favorite baby products? 

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