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I've always been in love with fashion ever since i was a little girl. When i was a young lady, dressing up is one thing that i really enjoy doing most specially on Sundays when i get to wear a few of my favorite ensembles. Now that I'm married and a mom of three, it caused me all the more to dress up nicely. I always believe that being a mom isn't an excuse for me to become stylish. Life is too short to wear boring clothes and so I have trained myself that the minute i leave the room, i must be presentable and the second  i walk out of our home, it's show time!

Stylish Ways to Wear Your Favorite Denim Jeans

Clothes gives us the power of social confidence. It is an expression of who we are as a person and therefore power dressing has become a way of life for most people. Talking about power dressing- to me, it doesn't really mean having to dress up with expensive and branded clothes all the time. You also do not need to have an entire room brimming with different outfits. Power dressing to me is getting that look for less, without compromising quality and comfort. 

It is having the confidence to stand out too and dress properly according to the occasion. One of the keys to make the most out of my wardrobe is to Mix and Match. And so as much as possible i always stick with the basics when i shop. Neutral tones, whites or muted colors and the plain ones are easy to pair with skinny jeans and the like.

I'm a thrift shopper too! I am not really after the branded ones though i also invest once in a while for designer clothes. Being a mom and following a strict budget, sometimes, it is hard to squeeze-in a little shopping for yourself, therefore I'm always in the look out for SALE and i love visiting thrift stores hoping to get something nice and affordable. I love shopping at bazaars too where i can get to buy clothes that are very nice and trendy yet cheap. Have you tried shopping in tiangge? Oh! It's fun! 

Wearing comfortable clothes is very important too. How can you become confident if you're not comfortable, right? Having two older kids and a month old baby in tow, comfort must be on top! So, whether it's a thousand peso worth of dress or a hundred pesos, it doesn't really matter as long as you are comfortable wearing it and you carry it with confidence.

Power dressing also equates to power washing and that is when Fashion Care comes in. My love for clothes extends to how i keep them clean and at its best form and shape like they doesn't wear out and fade even if i get to abuse them and repeatedly use them once or too many times in a week, just like my favorite jeans.

When it comes to clothes washing, i'm a meticulous one. I am very careful with my clothes too, specially the delicate ones. I want them to last longer like new because i want to pass them on to my only daughter just like what my mom did. (Yes, I still have a few pieces of my mom's clothes in the closet and they're vintage! Hahaha!) 

Clothes are like your second skin. And like skin, fabric comes in many different types and requires appropriate care to keep its healthy state and prevent damage. Well, using the right detergent maybe overrated and doing the laundry the traditional way like hand washing can be time consuming and very tiring. I definitely do not want to obsess myself with hand washing. Why stick to old school power cleaning when all you need to have is the right washing machine? The new Electrolux Ultimate Care Washing Machine can do the job like magic. It loves and cares for your clothes as much as you do! It's UltraMix™ technology retains your clothes softness, shape and color. It delivers an exceptional deep clean even at 30°C, thus keeping your clothes vibrant and newer for longer.

By putting some thought into the way you care for your clothes, it will keep them looking great and will last longer. Power dressing and Fashion Care clearly goes hand in hand together. Just like what Rajo Laurel said and i quote, "Clothing matters because there's a certain power to it. With power comes confidence, and with confidence you are able to conquer everything..."  and i just love it! 

Watch his exclusive interview and discover why he trust nothing less than Electrolux Ultimate Care Washing Machine. 

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