Preggy Diaries: Top Pregnancy Picks


When i got pregnant with my two older kids years back, i really didn't care much about trying different products which are deemed safe for pregnant women. In fact, never in my mind did i thought of changing the usual skin care products i use before i conceived. I really don't know why, but maybe because i was not that meticulous yet with product ingredients for the skin that might harm me and my baby. Plus the fact that i really didn't have much problems with hormones, except for pimples! I guess they are the most common either pregnant or not.

These days, a lot of products from different brands have come popping out at every corner of the stores, luring you to try them with all the promising effects they offer. And being pregnant again this time after 8 years, i suddenly became more concerned with my skin and my whole physical body especially the various changes that I've experienced since day 1 of my pregnancy. I also switched to natural products. Apart from having an extra sensitive and dry skin which caused me to stay away from mostly harsh products and allergens, i feel ugly most of the time. And so i thought of trying out new products that suits my skin type and those that would take effect on me hoping to get that "pregnancy glow".

Im happy to share  with you all [finally] my pregnancy picks which i do use now on a regular basis while i am pregnant. Some of these are my staple even before, but mostly are new to me and so far i love how they worked on my skin perfectly. And oh! These are affordable too!


Dove Advance Hair Series Radiant Shine
Shampoo and Conditioner

When it comes to hair care, i'm not an expert. In fact, my hair, i think, is the most taken for granted part of my body. I used to try different shampoos before until i settled for one brand which controlled my freaking hair fall problem. Apparently, when i got pregnant, i learned about the ingredients and its something that worried me so much. So i looked for something that is natural. Unfortunately i am not "hiyang" , i feel itchy and my hair ends became more dull and dry. I've been in the look out for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioner too and what perfectly satisfied my hair is the new Dove Advance Hair Series Radiant Shine shampoo and conditioner. This is the first time that i used Dove for my hair and so far it was good! My hair was shiny and light and manageable and so far i'm loving it!


Bio-oil is a staple in my closet ever since. When i had my first child 10 years ago, i already used Bio-oil for my face, my tummy and even on my elbows and knees at times when they feel dry and flaky. I swear by the effects of Bio-oil in my life and up until now i always have this in my daily routines, specially now that i am  pregnant. I basically use it on my tummy from the moment i entered my 2nd trimester and i use it everyday. I've had a very few stretch marks on my lower belly brought by my 2nd pregnancy 8 years ago and now i haven't notice any additional stripes yet.

Celeteque DermoScience+ Brightening Multi-Benefit BB Cream
Celeteque DermoCosmetics+ 24-hour Photoready Liquid Foundation

As much as possible, i stay away from make-up the moment i learned that i am pregnant. I have read some articles about make-up and other skin care products with certain ingredients that should be avoided especially on the 1st and 2nd trimester and so i became paranoid when it comes to choosing the brands and ingredients that i will put on my face. Since i really don't have a bad skin, i can actually go out without any powder or foundation, but not without a lipstick and ofcourse, the life of every "Kikay" the "Kilay"! (I mean eyebrows). As long as they are well groomed, i'm happy and ready to go. But then, there are times that i needed to present myself a little nicer especially on occasions that needed some make up so what i do use is my newly discovered Celeteque DermoScience+ Brightening Multi-Benefit BB Cream and Celeteque DermoCosmetics+ 24-hour Photoready Liquid Foundation. It's my first time to try this brand as a make up base or as a make up alone. And so far it didn't disappoint me with the results. It gives my skin natural glow from within like i have a full make up foundation on. It moisturizes my dry skin and application was very easy and effortless like i can do my face in less than 5 minutes!

Human Heart Nature Balancing Face Toner

I always love how toners work on my skin. Like it deeply cleanses away all the deep seated dirt on my face. Before pregnancy I've been using whatever it is that's available provided that it is mild because i have super sensitive skin that some harsh products cuts and reddens my face and it was very uncomfortable. When i conceived, i stopped using toners and immediately looked for something that i can replace my usual toner before. Glad i found out about HHN Balancing Face Toner. It's so mild and gentle for me. I actually don't feel anything on my face whenever i apply it. It doesn't even sting like other toners and the effects are awesome. I didn't get to have any single pimple from the entire trimesters up to date and what's more amazing is that it's natural!

Dove Pink Beauty Bar

Having a dry skin is not good and almost uncomfortable. I used to hate soaps with strong smell but on this season, surprisingly, I've had a good relationship with Dove moisturizing soap, in pink. Not just because the smell is good and it doesn't give me headaches but also its moisturizing power and lotion-like effect on my skin makes it a staple in my bathroom since day 1 of my pregnancy. I use it as a face and body soap and i swear by to its finest effect on my skin!

Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

This is one product that instantly became a favorite because of its glorious effect, not just on my face but my hair as well. But basically, i use HHN Sunflower Oil for my face at night before going to sleep. During those days when it was cold and I'm having extra dry and flaky skin, it has been a relief. It moisturizes my face overnight making it soft and glowing. I am also surprised how affordable one small bottle is, compared to other products out there. It lasts me the whole course of my pregnancy and i believe i can still use it afterwards.

Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash (Powder Cool Scent)

Feeling fresh and clean 24/7 down under is essential and healthy for women especially for pregnants. I can't live without having a good feminine wash that is basically natural and free from harsh chemicals, most especially ph-balanced. Glad i found out about HHN Natural Feminine Wash in Powder Cool. I used a different commercialized brand before but when i got pregnant i see to it that i will use one that is chemical-free and natural, not necessarily organic but at least it has to be made with natural ingredients. It's cool and i love the scent and the fresh clean feeling i get everyday.

Nivea Sun Pure and Sensitive Sun Lotion + Aloe Vera SPF 50

Some might disagree about using sunblock when preggy but sometimes i really can't go out without a sunscreen, especially when the weather is really hot. Don't get me wrong but i use this very seldom, only when i know that i will be totally exposed to the sun in a certain period of time. Nivea Sun Pure and Sensitive Sun Lotion with Aloe Vera is a staple in my skin care routines ever since and I've use it throughout out my previous pregnancies and it was all okay. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray

During pregnancy, i have extra sensitive smell that i hate harsh and too strong scents but i always wanted to smell good anyway. I hated perfumes during my 1st and 2nd trimester. I usually use baby cologne when i don't feel like spraying my usual perfumes. But what i do use now is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Scent Spray. I honestly doesn't really like it before but during this season i find it the perfect scent for me to use every time i go out. It has a very light and cool smell. For a while, up until now i temporarily stay away from my other perfumes and stick to this one instead.

There you have it! I still got a few things and brands that i use on the side apart from all those mentioned above, but so far these are my top picks and my favorite essentials on a regular basis. So, what do you think about all these? Have you tried any of these before? I would love to hear your thoughts! 

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