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Traveling by plane may be the fastest and most convenient course to take when going from one place to another specially when you have to cross over boarders. With the emergence of low-cost carrier airlines with promo fares, it could be the best choice for any traveler be it business or leisure trip. Traveling by sea on the other hand can be all the opposite, except that you can also get year-round low fares from shipping companies like 2Go Travel. BUT it could be tiring, time consuming and too much of a hassle. On the lighter side, it could be a great choice for families who travel in groups for leisure purposes most specially if they have the luxury of time.

Our late summer escapade last June took us to the islands of Boracay via 2Go Travel and i'd like to share the experience i had with my family for the first time. 2Go Travel has routes to different destinations from Batangas Port and that includes Boracay. I had no qualms about traveling by sea. I've traveled to Cebu and Surigao twice by sea, ages ago with my family and it's one of the most memorable experiences i had at age 9.

At the Port

From our place, Batangas port is less than an hour drive without traffic. It is more convenient for us rather than taking a flight from NAIA because we cut short our travel time from Batangas to Manila plus, the check in procedures at the airport and waiting for boarding inip-mode situations. Our scheduled departure from Batangas Port was around 9 pm and expected time of arrival at Caticlan Port is at 8 am the following morning.


Just like in the airport, you have to go through a series of check in procedures before boarding the vessel. We acquired our tickets from 2go office at the same port, weeks before our departure. Upon arrival at the port we were first required to pay the  terminal fees due for each passenger. After settling the terminal fee, we then queued for check-in at 2Go Travel counters. 

It was my first time in Batangas Port and i find the place congested and a little unorganized. I appreciate the lines for PWD's, Senior Citizens and Pregnant Women BUT they really do not implement the rules strictly like anyone can just line up to that special lane and airport authorities doesn't even have the initiative to assist persons who needs to use the special lane. I am 27 weeks pregnant during our time of travel and i haven't experienced being "prioritized" properly. 

I was pointed to the priority lane downstairs for boarding but ended up queuing longer than those who aren't in the priority lane. Chairs are not even provided for us (including the seniors). As i was raising a complaint from one of the officers i was only told that they were just following port rules and regulations as per  advised by their management. Anyhoo, after an hour late we finally boarded our vessel.

Port Security Measures

Just as we were about to board our vessel, St. Michael Archangel, all of us (passengers were requested to form a straight line, put all our belongings on the ground and hold our boarding pass and tickets. All women stays on the left, while all men stays on the right side. Port marshals and officials will then inspect all our luggage together with their K9 dogs while the other officers check our tickets and boarding pass. After security measures we were then allowed to get on board.

Boarding Time

So here's the most exciting part i guess for first timers. My kids were so giddy the moment they stepped into the vessel. I felt excited for them as well and i cannot hide my happiness either. It is my first time to board 2Go Travel and to travel by sea once again after decades. It brought me back some childhood travel memories with my Dad and Mom.

Inside the Vessel

2Go Travel vessels are equipped with functional amenities which includes a small hotel-like lobby or front desk, a restaurant and cafe, a souvenir shop and snack bar. The moment i set foot inside the vessel i was surprised how nice everything was. Doesn't feel like i was on board a ship at all. It was cool and very comfy.


We were ushered by the crews going to our designated cabins. Accommodation types varies depending on your destination and the vessel. There are several types of accommodations available. The Mega/ Super Value Class, Tourist class,  Cabin Class, and the Suite or State Room.

The Super Value Class is the cheapest accommodation. It is located on the upper deck of the vessel. It is an open area where you can feel and smell the sea breeze while travelling. It tends to get cold at night and very hot at day time. It is a smoking area too, so its not quite adorable to stay, not unless you are really on a very tight budget.

The Tourist Class is seemingly like the super value class with double-deck beds inside the room but unlike the Super Value, the Tourist Class is air-conditioned and offers a little privacy. Since we are a party of 9 we booked the super value class so that we are altogether. Apart from our individual linens each bunker beds are equipped with life jackets. 

The Cabin Class which is a private accommodation that caters to 4 people or some rooms can accommodate 6 people. Each has bunker beds too and curtains to serve more privacy for travelers. It is ideal for small families who are travelling together and for those who has a little more budget to spare.

The last but definitely not the least for choices of rooms inside 2Go Travel boat is the State Room which is a more luxurious type of accommodation. In here, the guests are treated like hotel guests in their own room with double or queen beds complete with the basic amenities a traveler needs. They also have their own toilet and bath. Pretty much the most convenient way to go when you want some privacy and relaxation while on a long haul travel going to Boracay or other destinations. Of course, the price is for travelers who can afford to spend a bigger budget for transportation.

Toilet and Bath

We had a common toilet and bath with individual cubicles and sinks with sufficient water supply. For the Super Value Class, they also have their own on the upper deck of the vessel. For the Cabin Class, they have their own private toilet and bath inside the cabin room. 

Our common toilet and bath at the Tourist Class has a number of cubicles enough to accommodate the number of passengers in the respective Tourist Class accommodation. It has a separate cubicle for the toilet only and  a separate cubicle for shower or bath. Sinks and hand dryer is also available. The toilet and bath can become crowded at times, specially when the passengers needs to use the comfort rooms  simultaneously. Nonetheless, it was clean.

Food and Dining

Food is inclusive to the fare we paid just like the beddings or linens. Food is served in sets, which you need to redeem at the cafe. For the round trip we were served the same kind of food set in a food box with plastic utensils. It has rice, shanghai rolls and polvoron for dessert. I think they serve the same menu for all their trip because we were given exactly the same set back and forth Caticlan. You can also request for an upgrade if you don't feel like eating the inclusive meal with your ticket, but for an additional fee. 

I find it more convenient to eat at their cafe on board at the second floor, the Horizon Cafe. They had a cozy resto bar inside the vessel that serves minimal choices of food, snack, coffee and drinks.

If you are too lazy to get out of your bunk bed, don't worry, coz there are ship crews that roam around the cabins serving snacks for sale. There is also an open bar at the roof deck of the vessel if you wanted to sniff some fresh air. The sea breeze is warm and you can order snacks too at their snack bar. Smoking and drinking is also allowed there, plus you can enjoy watching the views while sailing.


With regards to safe travels by sea, 2Go Travel has ensured that safety is of utmost priority for travelers. The vessel is equipped with 8 emergency life boats, a rescue boat, a K-9 unit, 3 vessel escorts, an in-house medical team, and a representative from the police department. 

In a nutshell, travelling with 2Go is quite a wonderful experience. We had a smooth travel to and from Boracay. It wasn't perfectly convenient because of a huge number of people with us during the trip which tends to become noisy, but nonetheless, we were comfortable and we were delivered safe and sound to our destination. Maybe next time, we should try booking for the Cabin Class or the State Room. I would love to try it some time. The best thing about 2Go Travel is that they had fixed rates when it comes to ticket price. They have year-round affordable rates that are easy on the pocket. Most of all, it is "relaxing while sailing".

Please watch the full video of our Boracay Trip with 2Go Travel on my Youtube Channel above.

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