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9 Reasons Why I Wanna Go Back to Boracay

Summer wouldn't be complete without having an out of town trip to the beach or ticking some dream travel destinations on the bucket list. At least, in my vocabulary, that is what i really meant when i say summer! And so despite my condition being preggy for like 27 weeks, i gave in to that urge of coming into a place that I've never been before without second thoughts. People say, i do have such an itchy feet, and i just couldn't argue with, because truth is, I am!

Our summer starts in June, which sounds like a last summer hurrah in the islands of Boracay. I've been to several islands and white beach but it is my very first time, after so many attempts to visit this most sought after island in the province of Aklan. And after all the fun activities that my family did (except me) i would love to visit it again soon after giving birth to our Baby Thirdy. I have a plethora of reasons why i wanted to comeback and i gathered some of them here hoping to read back some time after a year and plan that second visit when time and condition permits.

Swimming at the beach

It's quite ironic but yeah, i didn't get to swim and really feel the water on the beach during our first visit! I was crazy lounging along the beach side whilst watching the kids play sand toys and build castles. I knew i missed half of the entire experience and i wanted to repeat it. I did bring two pairs of swimmies but wasn't able to flaunt it either due to time constraints and the unpredictable pains of my physical body.

Parasailing and Banana Boating

Given the chance once again, i would love to engage myself into such strenuous yet fun activity with my husband and kids. By having a baby bump during our time of visit, i was restrained to do so many things. Nonetheless, i was still happy to see my kids enjoyed so much of their time, together with their Dad parasailing. They even wanted to repeat it that same day! However, everyone missed banana boating which to me seems to be so appealing! I will surely try these activities on the next visit and at this very moment, the thought of it makes me so excited already!

Scuba Diving and Helmet Diving

My family went helmet diving except for my daughter who's age and height is not yet allowed to do so. It was (according to them), enjoyable and so much fun having an encounter with fishes under the sea. Watching their videos after the activity makes me want to jump too underwater and experience the same!

However, scuba diving is really one on my bucket list EVEN IF I don't know how to swim! I would always fancy wearing a suit and those diving shoes then throw myself into the ocean to see more and explore the natural wonders of the sea. This is something i'd really want to do and i never want to miss it again next time.

Stay at Puka Beach

We went island hopping on our 3rd day together with a group of tourists riding a big boat. Thanks goodness i was allowed to join the tour and so i enjoyed half of the day going places and hopping on and off the boat. I enjoyed the ride, the happy music while we navigate on the sea, the wonderful sceneries and the water splashes brought about by the current.

Most of all i fell in love in the island called Puka Beach where the water is so crystal clear, and the sand as fine as powder. The whole place was clean and really beautiful. It was so peaceful that i'd thought of staying there for a day or a night perhaps and not just a quick 40 minutes!

Repeat Island Hopping

Island hopping is one activity that i think every first timer tourist shouldn't miss. From Puka Beach we were taken to Crocodile Island to snorkel and again, all i did the whole time was to snap photos and watch all the people jump from the boat and enjoy snorkeling.

Then, we're taken to Magic Island and if i was in normal condition i would love to try cliff diving even if i really don't know how to swim! After Magic Island was Crystal Cove Island where i pretty much enjoyed the scenery. The place was well maintained and the surroundings and the views are picture perfect. However, i didn't get to see the cove.

There were 2 coves that you can visit wherein water was crystal clear under the cave. The other cove was a bit farther than the other that requires extra adrenaline to do some trekking which my group opted not to pursue because of the scorching sun and time limit. And so i thought of repeating this on the next visit! I will, by all means need to visit every corner of it!

Get a Tattoo and a Hair Braid

Okay, so i envy my little daughter for having her hair done and for insisting to get that butterfly henna tattoo on her back. My son and my husband both had one too! Maybe i was just over-protective with myself that i opted not to take the risk of having a henna tattoo, although in my heart i would love to have one on my belly! Lol! 

And yes, the hair braid which i thought was not my kind of thing looks so adorable too. SO there's next time i promise!

Station Hopping

We stayed in a budget hotel in Station 2 near D'Mall and it was in my plan to go station hopping- like walking along the beachwalk going to Station 3 and Station 1. On our 3rd night we did walk going to Station 3 to have a dinner buffet at Astoria Current. I enjoyed the long walk with occasional stops to check out souvenir stores along the way and take photos. But i felt so tired like my bump was about to explode any minute. 

Then the following morning was supposedly my last chance to go walking along the beach side to visit Station1, get some fresh sea breeze and snap some nice photographs at Willy's Rock which is a famous landmark on the island. But we have to leave early and so frustrated that i was, we checked out and headed to the port. Isn't that a good reason why i really need to go back to Boracay?

Boracay Sunset

The island of Boracay is known to have one of the most majestic sunsets. Unfortunately during our time of visit, it was windy and gloomy in the afternoon. The current are strong and the sky's cloudy. I've been looking forward to watching the sunset but to no avail. Maybe the best time to visit the island is during the peak of summer. It was one of the beautiful things i always wanted to witness and the season failed me! However, i was able to witness the glorious sunrise and that's pretty fair enough.

Fire Dance and The Nightlife

We go out at night time to witness some twinkling lights and enjoy the noise of the party people around the surroundings. In short, we wanted to experience a different vibe. We watched fire dancers and it was awe-inspiring how talented they were for dancing while playing fire around people. But what i'd like to really do is to sit on one of the sand bars and order a cocktail drink for myself. Don't get me wrong, i don't drink (anymore) and i'm not even a party goer but once in a while i love red wine (which is good for the heart) and some non-alcoholic cocktails. But more than that i like finger foods and i love eating at midnight! And having all of it in a glistening setting seems to be a fun idea to complete that last summer hurrah, right?

So i guess, that's pretty much of the main reasons why i wanna go back to Boracay. In conclusion, i wanted a rerun of all the things that my family did and the places we've been through last summer. And may i also add that i wanted to stay there not just for a couple of days but for a whole week! Isn't it too much? What do you think?

Have you been to Boracay? Are there other things, like activities, food and places that you would recommend? I would love to read your thoughts!

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