When in Macau: The House of Dancing Water Show


One of the highlights of our Macau trip includes a world class live show performance featuring the mesmerizing House of Dancing Water show. If you've been to Macau on a day trip and you didn't get the chance to watch this show, i'm telling you, your visit was never complete. It's probably one of the most amazing shows i have ever witnessed and for what we paid for, it's all worth it!

Located inside the City of Dreams Macau, the House of Dancing Water Show is one attraction that every tourist and locals alike would love to experience. I myself was too eager to witness the show as i have heard quite a lot of good reviews about it. 

The House of Dancing Water Show is a 2.5 billion production that took 5 years to develop and the performers took about 2 years to rehearse this one-of-a-kind performance. It was directed and created by the world's greatest show maker Franco Dragone. 

It features 239 independent water jets built into a stage with 11 hydraulic ten-ton elevators that makes it possible to transform the entire water stage into a solid stage in seconds. It hold 3.7 million gallons of water which can fill up 5 Olympic size swimming pools that made it the largest water based theater in the world.

Tickets are available on the venue itself but to make sure you get a slot, better to book it ahead of time. Seats are pre-selected when you book it online. Guests can choose from VIP seats, Seat A, Seat B or Seat C, each with different rates that apply. 

The VIP seat offer the theaters best view with a complimentary drink and cookie. Seat A offers a panoramic view of the show which is on the left and right wing of the VIP seats. If you want an up close and personal encounter you may want to opt for Seat B which is in the middle of the 270 degree theater. But for a special angle and the most affordable seat among the options, Seat C is the choice of many.

We were given a pre-selected seat upon booking our tickets. I acquired the cheapest which is the Seat C Reserve for HK$580 and i didn't regret any single moment watching the whole show. We are positioned at the upper row and we got a pretty nice view of the live performances. The show runs for 90 minutes with two schedules that starts at 17:00 hrs and 20:00 hrs. It features over 80 gymnasts, circus artists, dancers, divers, actors and motorcyclists. 

Synopsis of the Story

The Story begins on the coast of Coloane. A Fisherman traveling with his boat enjoys his journey. Suddenly, a mysterious energy from the water creates a terrible whirlpool, grabs the Fisherman, and pulls him to a place and a time of legend. He does not realize for a while what is happening at that moment. He observes, lost and intrigued, when a storm brings a survivor from a shipwreck, a Stranger to this magical kingdom. The young, brave Stranger encounters and falls in love with a beautiful Princess who was thrown into a cage by her evil stepmother, the Dark Queen. Without hesitating, the Fisherman decides to help the Stranger fight against the Dark Queen and rescue the Princess. With his help, the Stranger and the Princess defeat the Dark Queen, and the Fisherman obtains an unexpected reward. It is a spectacular love story through time and space.

Right from the beginning of the show i was already in awe of the spectacular lights, sounds and visual effects. All the performers have done such an incredible and impressive move to entertain the guests leaving us with nothing but "whoaahh!" "oohhhh!", and "wooooowww!". It was really amazing!

There's also humor from some of the characters of the show which didn't failed to make us laugh a little from time to time. But what we enjoyed the most and i think it's the most appealing and nerve-wracking of all the different performances was the motor show.

The motorcyclists are very impressive that it left me speechless. I cannot take my eyes off everyone riding the motorcycles and flying them like crazy. The stunts were ridiculous! Anyone could get hit in a snap or the motorcyclists can die any moment from a single mistake. It was terribly heart pounding yet very entertaining. I believe i should bring my kids here the next time we visit, they'll definitely love it!

The House of Dancing Water Show is no doubt a must-see attraction when in Macau. And i would highly recommend it for travelers who's in the look out for something unique and memorable to experience. I myself, will never ever forget it! Ticket prices are not cheap though, but it's definitely worth it. The House of Dancing Water Show is truly an epic! 

Know more about The House of Dancing Water show at www.thehouseofdancingwater.com.

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