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While writing this, I'm thinking about three things- Mothers Day, 1st week of September and Thirdy.
But before anything else, allow me to greet each and every amazing mom around the globe a 

Happy Mother's Day! 

I know it's OUR day and for this reason I've decided to finally take the leap and end my month long hiatus to make a very special announcement! Excited? It's been a while since i last posted an update about my whereabouts, my thoughts and some inspirational projects in between.
Did anyone missed me? :)

Well, I believe i have all the perfect reasons to be MIA for the past months because....

Mommy Queenelizabeth is pregnant!

Yes, you heard it right! 

And if you follow me on Instagram, you probably had a clue already, why i haven't blogged for quite some time. Though I've been writing for my other blog on a monthly basis because that is a commitment i always wanted to honor. But for my personal blog and even my private social media pages (except Instagram), I've decided to slow down for a while to prioritize some things that I've left hanging for so long and to give myself that much needed rest. I wanna prepare very well for the new bundle of joy that we are expecting and that means i will have lesser time for my passions and other projects.

Apart from that, I also delayed the announcement because i don't think i could handle any loss.

Do you want to know the story?

Exactly a year ago, after i found out again that i am pregnant with this little bun in the oven, i lost an offspring. That was January 2016 to be exact, when i posted the sad news on Instagram. If you're on my Facebook friends list, you'll notice that i don't really post too much personal updates on Facebook. Instead, I'm more into Instagram

Going back to my story, although it was too early to tell then, because i only had a pregnancy test with positive lines (no formal check-up yet), it so happened that my son acquired this viral mumps and after a few days, I had this weird spotting which extend up to a week. I did another preg test and the other line (which was supposedly two then) fainted. I went to my OB and she said, "Oh! those lines were confusing!" But based on the sonogram i should be expecting more bleeding in the next days, according to her, because the implantation wasn't successful. And there, after a few days my period came. 

It was sad. 

Specially for the husband. This is our third baby and we really planned and prayed for it for more than two years after my then youngest daughter turned 5 years old. But i believe God's timing is always perfect. So after a year here we go again, in the most unexpected time and just a month after my birthday, i have this weird feeling. My period is missing. Pregnancy test revealed two positive clear lines after a week of delayed period and I immediately went to my OB for check up. 

There it is! But no heart beat yet. 

My husband and I decided not to officially announce the pregnancy to our family members and friends, not until the heartbeat was confirmed. So we waited for three more weeks to have another ultrasound while praying- hoping for a positive sign of life. 

Finally, week 3 came and it was confirmed! Hearing my baby's heart beat was like music to my ears. This is it! And we officially welcomed January 2017 with a bun in the oven!
See? God's perfect timing never fails. 

Still, why did i kept on delaying the announcement?

I decided not to formally announce it to Facebook and even to this blog, although I've been posting hints like cravings on Instagram, not until the 3rd day of May (where i posted my baby's latest ultrasound). First, because its my private family life and my personal choice. Second, because like i said, its too early to tell and i cannot handle any loss if ever the pregnancy won't push through like before. Honestly, it was so challenging not to spill the beans. Every time i open my Facebook, there are pregnancy announcements flooding all over my news feeds. Some were first time moms, and there were others who will be having their second, third or fourth child. I really feel happy and excited for all of them, like it was my own revelation too!

I'd like to make a status every time i see those, because there are times that i cannot contain the joy that i feel. But seriously, some thoughts were holding me back not to do so. One that bothered me a lot was when two of the mommy friends i know posted their pregnancy tests right away and a few weeks later, I've read an announcement from them that they lost the baby. And i felt so sorry for them. It scared me too and it convinced me all the more to just keep our happiness to a smaller circle. After all, Facebook is NOT my REAL LIFE. And i think I don't need short-term boost from people all over the internet. A few friends, our family and my ministry is more than enough to inspire me and bless me with prayers and well wishes on this journey.

Truth be told, but up to this point in time, i still don't have any plans of officially announcing my pregnancy on my personal Facebook page yet, but already contemplating if i will be sharing the link of this blog post on my fan page. Well, i presume that not all my Facebook friends have the patience to read my blogs though. This is my official announcement which I'd thought of sharing this Mother's Day. So that means, if you're an avid reader then, Congratulations! You're up to date!

Now, what about September and Thirdy?

For my pregnancy update, I'm happy to announce that I am now on my 23rd week and will be welcoming the third trimester soonest! Sounds so quick, right? But in all honesty, I am already getting bored while waiting for this little bundle to finally arrive. Everyone in the family is looking forward to the 1st week of September (which is my expected date of delivery)! We haven't settled for a name yet, but we do know the gender already.

So for now, we'd like to call our baby "Thirdy". 

As a mom, i'm the happiest!
It's been 8 long years since i last felt the bliss and excitement of having a new baby and i'd like to enjoy and cherish both the struggles and joy of every journey. Being a Mom for the third time is one of the most wonderful gift I've ever had on Mother's Day and there's no better way to celebrate it by shouting to the world that our bundle of joy is on the way.

To the few people who knew it from the very start, thank you so much for all your prayers. 
It really means a lot!

So, now that i have finally made this special announcement, expect more updates about my pregnancy journey. I'll try my best to share some tips and tricks that i do to keep a healthy lifestyle, some do's and don'ts and some mommy and baby friendly products that i have acquired over the last five months.

To those who are still waiting and praying for their soon-to-be babies, do not be discouraged. Pray and believe in God's perfect timing. And to my fellow Moms who are also expecting, whether its your first time or your fifth, sixth and so on... Congratulations! 

Belly Blessed,

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