Travelling in Style On a Cold Weather


Welcome to another #ootd series! 

Finally, after some time, i was able to update this very challenging category of mine. Challenging, not because i lack some inspirations and wardrobe essentials but rather, it's really a challenge for me to come up with nicely done photographs. If only i can do it all by myself. I am seriously in need of a photographer this time!:)

Kidding aside, i know i'll get used to it in time. So, for today, let me just share some #ootd photos from a recent honeymoon trip - which i hadn't blog yet. Give me time, give me time! 

Me and my husband went for a vacation in Macau last February to celebrate two things, our Wedding Anniversary and Valentines. It's a season when the temperature and my situation is quite grueling. Though for my husband, its the most comfortable trip ever. He likes to explore places under cold weather or rainy season rather than summer or prickly heat, dry season. We are totally opposite!

Since it's a lover's trip, it means "packing light" to save us from too much baggage and to give room for more shopping and so most of the clothes i wore are light yet comfy and stylish. I'd thought that its the perfect time for me to travel in style, because, Hey! Kids are not in tow! Yay!

But honestly, its not a well thought of outfit either. In fact, i did not even bother myself to buy new clothes, nor winter jackets and jeans for this trip, because i was complacent that i won't freeze in a temperature of 10-15 degrees (but i did chill, a little, hahaha!). So i just dig in to my closet and found some clothes that i think would be comfortable enough for the trip.

For the whole three days that we were out and about scratching the surface of Macau my #ootd has all the same muted tone and nude color combinations, but this one's my favorite.

Why the boots? 
Because they are warm and pretty stylish. 
And as long as my feet are feeling warm the rest of my body will feel comfortable. 

Why the dress? 
Because i have this tiny little thing growing inside me and i can't seem to wear tight jeans for a trip. I want to move freely and dresses are very flexible long-walk-essentials for moms like me. 

Why the long cardigan? 
Because I've been feeling weird, like i feel hot for a minute and then sometimes i would feel cold. Its the hormones, i guess, that i am battling with this season rather than the weather itself so i thought the cardigan or perhaps a denim jacket will do. Plus, i don't want to look like a bloated mama by covering myself with puffy winter jackets. Like i said, i wanna travel in style but that doesn't mean i will kick off comfort out of the picture. Thankfully, the sun is so bright and shining and the cold weather was well regulated all those days that we were out. 

And oh! Before i forgot, how about the hat?
I found it the last minute before flying the next day while shopping for some hygiene kit essentials and thought that it was too cute to let go so i bought it. It has a warm feel and comfy, so its a good protection for my head. The versatile nude color can perfectly match any outfit too! By the way, these photos were taken by my husband! Hooray! (I'd like to believe that he's a work in progress)

What do you think about this outfit for a cold weather getaway? Would love to hear your thoughts! :)

Boots by Parisian | Bangkok Dress | Cardigan, Hat & Scarf from The SM Store |
Speedy Bandoulière 30 Bag by Louis Vuitton

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