Color Combo: Blue and Orange Intentions


I love playing with colors. It's a fun way to liven up your wardrobe by trying out new color combinations. Mixing and matching unexpected color combos, like those that are really contrasting in color is also a great way to achieve a perfectly balanced and stylish look. 

I had an encounter with these color combo some months ago for a casual photo shoot with my girlfriends and i'd thought of sharing the photos instead of dumping them into the recycle bin. After all, i sweat so much on this shoot just so because.

I intentionally mixed up the colors because i felt like i'm stuck with a style rut that is often described as matchy-matchy. Sometimes, i find it boring to wear all plain and simple color combinations from head to toe. 

I wasn't expecting blue and orange to look nice together, although it was done minimally. When i imagine the mix up of blue and orange in my mind i initially felt like its a jersey kind of outfit because of the striking dark colors.

However, I pretty came up with a collaboration of plain white and navy blue, a printed slacks plus one of my favorite pumps from the closet in a velvet orange color. I think this wardrobe pretty much nailed the color combo and i was thinking of doing the same synthesis with other outfits in the future. While this one looks a little corporate, yet stylish and classy, the combination of colors can also be perfect for casual and everyday look that is comfy and cute.  You may want to dig-in to your closet and try the combination too!

What do you think of this outfit? Any ideas on how you would wear those two color combinations? I would love to hear your thoughts on the comments below!

Coat by Mango | White Tank by Bench Body | Pants by Plains and Prints | Shoes by Fioni

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