Best of 2016: The Year in Restrospect


Why hello there! This is supposedly a year-ender post which i forgot to publish because i am so lacking with time that the hustle of the new year preps consumed me and so here i am today contemplating if i would still be publishing this overdue year-end post or not. But i decided yes, i should! There's just sooo many good things that happened in 2016 along with some minor struggles and challenges too which has taught me valuable lessons. So, just let me share the good side of my previous year to spark positivity for this new year and i hope you'll find this inspiring and entertaining.

Last year, it started out as a good year for me and my family. My husband and I celebrated our 10th year wedding anniversary and though it was a very simple and intimate celebration it was one of the most memorable events in my personal life. The struggle in married life is real and i am just grateful that we have survived a decade without murdering each other, maybe almost, but not! Hahaha! Cheers to more years!

Followed by our wedding anniversary was our first wedding sponsorship in which we had two couples in a month and that was quite a surprise! I was overwhelmed thinking that i was too young to be a "ninang" yet in a wedding. While others are just so proud, it sting me a bit. Why? I'm still not convinced that i am aging, feeling ko pang-matanda level na yun! While their reasons for picking us was very flattering, we are truly pleased and honored to be chosen as one. We are humbled to be an inspiration and a good example to younger couples on how to handle and take care of a marriage despite the struggles in differences. As they said, they admire our relationship and we pray that we can continue walking with it. My marriage and our family is my priority and i thank God for his continued guidance and favor in our lives as a couple, its hard to walk the talk but HIS grace changes everything.

Along with the blissful married and family life, i am grateful for all the wonderful and memorable travel memories we have collected last year. We had quite a number of local trips, and family staycations and i wish to book more hotels this year! One of the highlights of the previous year when it comes to leisure was our first family trip abroad (our big family).

I was so happy to be back in Hong Kong not just with my immediate family but with our extended family members- my parents together with my sister and parents-in-law. It has been one of my dreams to tag them along in a vacation and 2016 had been a generous year to fulfill this dream for them as well. It was my in-laws' first trip abroad, and though it was that short and quick, i knew it has been memorable and truly unforgettable for them. I wish to have more of this family trips this year and in the coming years!

I know its been a busy year with my family and some dear friends, but more than that i am thankful for a few and meaningful connections i have made last year which led me to unexpected turns in my career as a blogger and online influencer. I felt blessed to have worked with a few but promising companies in the market like Avidaland, Ajinomoto, SM Southmall, Robinson's Supermarket, Procter & Gamble Philippines and Traveloka. I wasn't expecting it to be this fun and ofcourse, rewarding!

One of the considered highlights of my previous year was the magazine interview that has been published by Family Matters- July to August 2016 issue. I'd like to thank Stephanie Mayo for giving me the opportunity to share some of my strong points as a mom in raising young patriots and heroes and it was truly an honor to impart some inspiring insights about parenting.

In line with my enthusiasm in writing and sharing, i am very much privileged to have worked with some amazing people who shares the same passion. Meeting new friends and acquaintances turned mentors has shaped me to become a better version of myself and somehow helped me to have a clearer vision of what i wanted to accomplish in the future. Part of this is the book Before I Do Anthology which is a spin-off of the book Before I Do by Kath Eustaquio-Derla whom i just met last year and offered me to work with her together with other writers for another book which was launched just before the year ends. It's like one of my little dreams has come true and i am grateful beyond words for those wonderful surprises that God has showered upon me in the past year.

With the unexpected turns and current hype in my career there will always be an opportunity to improve not just my knowledge and skills but also the wholeness of my well-being. I am thankful for a few friends who serves as an inspiration to move on and pursue what we just started and I am glad that the past year has been a year of revelation and a test of character and friendship. God has been so amazing in each of our lives and we couldn't thank Him enough for everything. The major come back of Mumsdailyph is also one of the highlights of my year and i am happy and excited for all the new plans that we are building for this year. To all our friends who never fail to support us, thank you!

And before i forgot, i am happy to share that i am a new "Tita" once again to two new babies in the family! My two sisters in law just gave birth to a boy and a girl and an older baby just turned 1 year old before 2016 ends. While my one and only sister will be having her first baby soon! I am so happy to be surrounded by new souls who sparks the positivity and the promise of new beginnings. They remind me of new hopes, dreams and new life to live. While there are new significant people in our lives that came to give us enormous joy and happiness, there are a few people whom i wanted to let go.

For some people, no matter how much goodness you show, you will never be good enough for them and they would prefer you and your minions out of sight because they wanted to live a miserable and lonely life. There are those weird people that no matter how much you try to connect and build deeper and meaningful relationships with, they will never be appreciative. Instead, they'll burn bridges while you keep on bridging the gaps. There's a fine line between being nice because it is who you really are and acting nice sometimes because out of respect you just have to be. I have left this in the year that passed and there's no more looking back after almost a decade of trying. Instead, i'm lifting everything to God.

Life has been full of surprises and i wish to be surprised more this year with never ending possibilities, positive twists and turns that will encourage growth and maturity, stable connections from previous relationships, auspiciousness in all aspects of my personal and family life, good health for each and every family members, stronger faith, tenacity with my walk with God and to honor HIM in all areas of my life.

To all the people who's been a part of my amazing 2016, THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I'm praying for a good and genuinely happy life for all of us! Let's rock 2017!

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