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With the unbridled congestion of the metro and the widespread contamination of our surroundings these days, i would sometimes pray for the abundance of old-fashioned things like fresh air, sunshine and farm lots. Why not? Perhaps, its the most luxurious boon that i can give to myself so i could breath obliviously. Well, talking about fresh air, on one of my occasional explorations, I've discovered a ranch house turned cafe somewhere in the sleepy town of Taal, Batangas where lush greenery and a breath of fresh air was very ordinary. 

Cafe at the Ranch is just one of the few shabby chic restaurant that you can find in this side of Batangas. Though the location was a little far from the national highway going through a short dirt and rough road, i was impressed initially with the ambiance and the windy location of the cafe which is situated at the middle of the farm where lush greenery and fresh air is abundant. There were farm animals too around the area that makes it more like the typical ranch, with the "bahay na bato" that adds to the vintage vibe of the surroundings.

If i remembered it right, according to the owner which i was able to talk to earlier before we dine, it was an ancestral house of a politician some decades ago which he bought and later on was turned into a restaurant by his daughter.

The cafe's interior was very nice and shabby, with all the white walls and hand painted tables with occasional pop of colors. The floral backdrops made it very feminine and really homey.

The interior design was consistent even inside the comfort room. Ideally, every corner is so instagrammable, i swear!

We were ushered to our table by their friendly staff and took our orders. They offer Western selection of food choices such as pasta, burgers and sandwiches, rib plate and crepes.  I basically go for their best-sellers so it won't be a hit or miss.

While waiting for our orders me and my cousin went out for a walk around the spacious forefront and took a lot of photos. It wasn't sunny but its not raining either, the weather was very perfect for a photo shoot plus it was really very cool and breezy. The owner was very accommodating to guests too, we had a short talk about the place and found out that they have another ancestral house, just a stone's throw away from the cafe and he invited us to visit after eating.

Our orders came a little over 20 minutes serving time but it doesn't matter 'coz we were still full from the heavy breakfast we had earlier. We enjoyed so much of our time snapping photos at every corner of the cafe forgetting about the time.

Our orders:





Overall, food experience was good. The adequacy of the serving was just right, the plating and presentation was very nice and clean, food taste and quality was all good for me. I enjoyed their Clubhouse Sandwich and their newest offer, the Chicken Chipotle Burger. My Dad has nothing but good words to say about their pizza and the Baby Back Ribs. The pasta was al dente with a unique taste and flavor. More than me, i think my parents were the ones who really enjoyed the food. They used to compliment each serving as not salty, nor bland but just with the right flavors and quantity. (I think that's how old people who eats with caution really compliments food. Marami na kasing bawal kainin! Hahaha!) I love the ribs too, but my favorite was their Chicken Cordon Bleu! It's one of the best chicken cordon I've tasted so far and its really one of my all time favorite too!

Cafe at the ranch is no doubt, one of the most notable places to visit when in Batangas- perfect ambiance, good to great food with reasonable price and commendable service. However, they are lacking with a good signage which is very important for travelers and commuters and i hope they can do something about it. But honest to goodness, with its fresh and relaxing environment bundled with good food, i will definitely come back over and over again.

MGM Ranch and Farm 
Brgy. Mahabang Ludlod,Taal, Batangas
(Landmark: Near Flying V Gas Station
Directions available on Google Maps)

Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 8pm

Contact Number: 0906-504-7308
Facebook Page: Cafe at the Ranch

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