When in Batangas: What's Drooling at the Drooling Plate?


I always believed that Sundays are for the family. If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and other social media pages, you'll notice that i always use the hashtag #SundaysBest. Basically, because it's the first day of the week and starting it right makes it the best! First, by going to church to declare my faith and thanksgiving and to enjoy quality time with my loved ones. In my context, quality time also means eating good food and trying out something new, given enough time and resources.

One Sunday, while sourcing for a new place to dine-in, i stumbled upon The Drooling Plate at Total Gas Station complex along Diversion Road Batangas City. If you are not familiar yet, its the newest food spotting haven for foodies, Friday party people and coffee-holics. It's quite ironic that i first visited The Drooling Plate at this area when in fact, it has a branch very near to my place. Hahaha!

What enticed me was the pancakes which my kids cooked for themselves. But since it was lunch time we also ordered some of their main entrees and best sellers along with the pancakes.

The concept was like the "Slappy Cakes" if you have ever tried it. But i love the spread of their menu that are good tasting with big servings and which made us really drool. (Like we are overfed, hahaha!)

Here's what we ordered: 

American Ribs - Php 188

Hamburg Steak - Php 188

The American Ribs and Hamburg Steak meal doesn't look like they taste good. It seemed like the plating is lacking with love, BUT i love the taste of the ribs and its sauce. Surprisingly, it's good! The meat is tender and it's flavorful. The Hamburg Steak is also very good that my son ordered another cup of rice.

Pasta Bolognese - Php 138

Charcoal Waffle Crispy Chicken Burger - Php 178

The pasta was just okay with me, nothing really note-worthy but it never failed me either. The serving is big like its good for sharing and i still have one big Charcoal Waffle Crispy Chicken Burger to gobble down. The waffle burger claims to be their best-seller and it's good! I love the texture of the waffle and the crispy chicken combo which complements with its dressing.

Chicken Chips Choco Waffle Dou - Php 158

The Choco Waffle Duo and the chicken chips are just average. My daughter ordered the chicken because she thought those were chicken nuggets. I find it a little bland but it complements with the cheesy sauce. Anyway, the chocolate waffles alone are good!

Cheesecake Bites - Php 12

Sizzling Brownies with Ice Cream - Php 138

For dessert, we had 2 pieces of Cheesecake Bites- one Blueberry and one Strawberry. Literally, bite-size goodies! Makes me want to order more (cheesecake lover here). But what's really recommendable is their Sizzling Brownies with Ice Cream. It was served on a sizzling plate and imagine the smokey effect of the moist chocolate cake and frozen ice cream slowly melting on the plate. A fusion of hot and cold- it's explosive yet delicious!

Pancake with Chocolate Toppings and Oreo Crumbs - Php 194

My kids enjoyed their time cooking pancakes after our meal. The pancake mix is available in original, chocolate and red velvet flavors. We ordered the original flavor with added chocolate syrup plus Oreo crumbs and i guess it was a great combo. There's an array of choices for the toppings and sauce/syrup for the pancakes which you can choose, depending on what you like, all at an equivalent price.

As for the service, the staff was attentive and everything we need was taken care of. I'm not quite sure about the consistency of their service because we were the only ones who happened to be dining that time. I hope their food quality and customer service won't change.

It has been another #SundaysBest well spent with my kids over some drooling meals that made us full and happy. I think that's the very core of our weekends, food trip! The Drooling Plate is perfect for kids, (if they like pancakes) and the whole family. They also offer catering and or party packages for birthdays and other significant family celebrations.

So, did you find it drooling? Try it!

The Drooling Plate
Unit 16 & 17 Total Gasoline Station,
Diversion Road, Balagtas,
Batangas City
Mobile No. 0936-994-7365

The Drooling Plate
Bauan Plaza Hotel
Bauan, Batangas

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