Love at First Try! An introduction to Archery at Kodanda Archery Range


Being confined with routines and all the same things can be boring & so, i'm always in the look out for new experiences that can lead me to new hobbies and enthusiasm. I have always wanted to try archery, apart from the very truth that i am an avid fan of Oliver Queen, the fictional hero on the TV series Green Arrow played by Stephen Amell plus i'm an inborn Sagittarian by zodiac. While my kids admire Katniss Everdeen too, from the movie Hunger Games, i thought that maybe, it's about time to unleash our potential in the archery department yesterday after a disappointing itinerary.

I went with my kids for their annual school field trip. Looking at their itinerary i wasn't so excited about it 'coz we've been through the same places before as a family trip. But my kids really wanted to join their classmates so i allowed them to. One thing that interests me was the rolling tour side trip to Intramuros. Personally, because it has been ages since i last visited Intramuros and i always love old and historical places, very educational.

KODANDA in Sansrit means "He who has a bow"

Unfortunately, the heavy traffic caught our bus from Baclaran and our tour coordinator together with the rest of the group decided to skip it and head straight to Mall of Asia for an early lunch instead. It made me sad. At the back of my mind, i wanted to protest but it's just me! So as the disappointed passenger, i thought of going to Kodanda Archery Range at MAXX building in MOA to release my disappointments and while the kids are game we agreed to stay there instead of eating early.

MAXX Building is on the other side of MOA complex (if you are not familiar with the place, it's the way to the cathedral), near SMX Convention Center. From the Seaside Blvd. we took the cab going to Coral Way. That was very near but we do not want to walk that's why we took the cab. Hahaha!

The place is lacking with signage which is located between Yellow Cab pizza and Coffee Bean shop. Thank God the security guards are very helpful. We arrived at the place and it was nice and spacious. I was glad that the staff inside Kodanda Archery Range was very very accommodating and helpful especially to my son who is very thrilled.

First, we registered for an hour of shooting then we were geared to start our introduction to archery. There are several gears you need to wear apart from the pocket of arrows around your waist. We were introduced to the number of whistles and safety guidelines when handling and firing with the bow and arrow.

I thought it's gonna be complicated 'coz i find the bow too big and heavy. I remembered my first time in the gun shooting range which made me nervous. But archery is more fun than target shooting, i swear! Apart from the fact that it's one of the safest sports, it is very fun and applicable to younger kids like my son.

Proper positioning, focus and coordination is the key to score the game with good points. I was able to hit bulls-eye twice while my son, after several attempts, was able to hit one, just right before we end our session.

It was bad timing that we had a very limited time! I guess an hour isn't enough for us to make the most of the entire experience, we want unlimited sesh! But we need to get back at the pick up point of our bus tour on time and so we left the archery right after. My son was screaming for more and would really want to come back again with his Dad.

More than the experience there are several take away you can get by engaging into this one of a kind sport. The very heart of archery is learning a step-by-step method for drawing a bow and shooting an arrow. It gives focus, strength, coordination, exercise, confidence, and relaxation.

The thing that surprised me the most about archery was how calming and stress-relieving it was. I was relieved from the disappointing situation i had earlier with our itinerary. Releasing an arrow, watching it fly, and hearing it strike a target can relieve stress. It do makes sense! Archery also teaches goal-setting. It provides a great goal-setting environment which i think is beneficial for the young archers like my son.

It was an awesome experience indeed! So, Are we coming back? YES, ofcourse!
By all means we have to! I wish they have a branch near the South so we can come and visit from time to time. 

How about you? What's your love at first try experience? 
Share it on the comments below!

MAXX (Mall of Asia Annex)
Coral Way, Pasay, Metro Manila

2nd Floor, Metro Starmall, Aguirre Ave.
BF Homes, Sucat Paranaque City

FB-D3A MakatiCinema Square, 
Chino Roces Ave.
Makati City

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