Avida X Make It Blissful: Tagaytay Home Gathering Workshop


It's been a lovely day at Tagaytay weeks ago, despite the typhoon forecast that was expected to hit Luzon area in the afternoon of that Wednesday. I was able to brave the 1-hour drive via Talisay Road from Batangas, with views of the Taal Lake from the zigzag road going up. 

Together with amazing bloggers, media personnel and the organizers of Avida X Make It Blissful event, our day had been blissful indeed.

Official Photo Shared by Avida Land Ph
Meet and greet started at the lobby of the newly built Tower 1 of Serin West Tagaytay followed by a short talk and introduction of our host for the day- the ever dainty and witty Martine De Luna as she tour us around the Scandinavian interior design of the proposed one-bedroom unit of Serin East Tagaytay, the newest condominium project of Avida Land. We had a peek of this lovely little place and was instantly inspired by the vacation-like everyday living it has to offer. 

With Bloggers from the Metro. Photo originally posted by Mommy Mafae Belasco of www.mafaebelasco.com

Discover more about this luxurious piece of home:

After the brief introduction of our event host and touring around the place we were taken to Balay Dako by Antonio's for a lovely lunch and the Home Gathering Workshop. The luxurious and spacious function hall of Balay Dako is very welcoming along with the food that tickled our tummies. I love every details of our table set-up with personalized tokens from the event hosts, i guess each and everyone felt very special! 

After the sumptuous lunch, a coffee workshop was hosted by Martine De Luna and husband Ton De Luna of Shophouse Coffee Co. They showcased how traditional or manual coffee brewing is done using a glass filter and hot water. 

This has been a great learning opportunity for coffee lovers! I didn't know for a fact that coffee taste can still be adjusted depending on the quantity, the right temperature, and the kind of beans which the barista will use. Different kinds of beans needs different temperature too, depending on the quantity, to achieve that perfect coffee taste. Isn't that interesting? I can forget about using the coffee maker if i can adjust my coffee manually through traditional brewing! 

We were all given our share of hot and cold or iced coffee by Shophouse Coffee Co. It is my second time to have a taste of their iced mocha and it was always good!

After coffee, the most awaited Home Gathering Workshop by Make It Blissful followed immediately featuring A Sweet Cottage Event Styling in collaboration with Gourdos. Did i just said Gourdos? The treasure trove of everything fancy and charming for the home, right? 

Maricel Mendoza of A Sweet Cottage hosted the presentation. She gave us useful insights on how we can make blissful home gatherings by prettifying our homes with anything that is already existing. There's beauty from scratch and trash, actually. 

The art of visuals such as creating an elevated centerpiece is one of the most interesting hack that I've learned that afternoon. I suddenly realized that i have lots of clutters in my home which can be useful as a decoration. It can be an old wine bottle, old books and or rustic thin cans, the key is to pour out your creative juice and unleash the domestic goddess in you. Ooohh! I love that "domestic goddess" term!

After being equipped with the basics of table setting we were grouped according to our tables and we're challenged to do an on-the-spot table set-up based on the theme that will be given to us. My group mates, i guess, were lucky babies, they've picked up "Under The Sea" theme which was quite challenging. 

The winning group! Photo shared by Avida Land Ph
Thanks to Gourdos for providing the necessary tools in prettifying our tables. Our group bagged the award for the table setting challenge while everyone else did an amazing job on this activity. I personally love the Tea Party Theme with all the pinks and lovely tea sets!

It was a blessing for me to be surrounded by brilliant people who shares the same passion about life, career and family, a great opportunity to connect and learn from each other. Thank you, Avida Land and Martine! And to all the Blissful Brands and Businesses who supported this event, you were all amazing! 


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