WHEN IN BATANGAS: Where do broken hearts go? HUGOT CAFE


If you'll notice my Instagram feed, the past weeks of my life was spent food hunting, cafe hopping and indulging into different family occasions. The flooding of food is just so hard to resist! Have you ever been into that situation? How do you manage? Ako? I just give in! Kain lang ng kain! Hahaha! 

Kidding aside, there comes a time talaga that you'll really feel like craving for something extra special than the usual. Or perhaps, getting bored sometimes, resorts to some sort of binge eating. I, for one, loves the idea of checking out new cafes once in a while and coddle myself with good food or coffee, coupled with a nice and cozy ambiance where i could set the mood for some random musings and think about something that i wanted to write.

So, a week ago i decided to visit Hugot Cafe. Funny how they named it after some pulled out emotions or "hugot lines" which is too popular nowadays. Together with my kids and my favorite cousin once again, i felt like i wanted something new for the weekend so we checked the place out and ordered some shakes, waffles and some finger foods. That's all they got for now. I was looking for some burgers, sandwiches or pasta but they said it'll be coming in the next months, so we settled for what's available that time.

I find the place entertaining with all the "hugot lines" displayed on their walls, and even at the center tables. Then i felt awkward for a moment, realizing that these are emotions intended for people who were undergoing relationship problems or troubles. I felt somewhat out of place. 
I was like hearing the song "Where do broken hearts go?" This must be the place! Hahaha!


But what's more comical was the name of their menu! Well, you know me, i'm so "babaw" when it comes to humor, i always find happiness in the small and simplest things, really. 
Their menu was inspired by love emotions, relationship status or heart-broken relationships. 
Well, that was just a bit cool.

I have encountered other Hugot Cafes in Manila and other parts of the South but wasn't really sure if this serial coffee hub is owned by only one company. 'Coz they got almost all the same menu and concept, positioning at different locations. 

The Interiors
Eiffel Tower upside-down
A Table for two
Hugot mode?
For me, the menu is very basic and easy peasy to do. However, they still made an effort to present it nicely. I love their "Hugot Shake" which claims to be the best-seller. Corndogs and waffles are good too. Since my kids are with me, they really enjoyed the food. 

LDR (Long Distance Relationship) Nachos with Beef and Cheese Php 95
BINESFRIEND (Cheesy Fries) Php 65
SINGLE (4pcs Corndogs) Php 45

My son ate everything, but his favorite was the LDR or Nachos! And i liked it too. The beef is not "maanggo" or should i say, it doesn't have that awful smell and after-taste like some other ground beefs, where the smell lingers throughout the meat. I just find it "bitin" or the serving was small. The waffles are soft and flavorful, but it's kinda airy, not so dense, anyway, it's just fine.


TWO-TIMER (Double Dutch)
WALANG TAYO (Cookies and Cream)
STICK TO ONE (Chocolate)

COUPLE (Waffle) with Chocolate and Caramel Syrup Php 90

During our visit the place is full house. It tends to really get crowded because the space was a little small but they do have Al Fresco dining downstairs, perfect for smokers and groupies. 

We stayed longer than the other diners and waited for the others to leave so we can own the place for a while to get better photos inside the cafe. 

I love our photo taken here, if not for some glitches down under my shoe (did you just notice?), this last photo would've made it to my gallery wall at home. Hahaha!

Me and my kids enjoyed our time at Hugot Cafe. Thanks for the waffles and corndogs! If not, they would've asked me to look for another food house to have snacks and bond with them. Reading "hugot lines" and turning the afternoon into an hour of food tasting plus a little photo shoot made our weekend extra special!

So, what's your favorite "hugot line"?

GN Building, JP Laurel Highway, Unit 02-01
Batangas City, Philippines
Contact No. 0939 808 2988
Store Hours: Tuesday to Sunday - 1pm to 9pm
Facebook Page: Hugot Cafe Batangas

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