Good Food + Good Friends at Chateau Hestia


Oftentimes, they say that good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends. I agree! Once in a while, it is always, always a good idea to visit new places, where good to great food is served paired with a good laugh with friends. One of the highlights of my September was a short and sweet fun away with two of my close pals. Our itchy feet brought us to the laid back district of Silang, Cavite where a nice European dining experience took our breath away!

Chateau Hestia, is a European-inspired bed and breakfast, garden restaurant and deli shop which is near Tagaytay City. As expected, the place has a chilly atmosphere bundled with lush greens and authentic European cuisines in a country-style yet very elegant setting. I love how the place was well-curated by the owner, who was a native of Vienna, Austria. 

I love all the wood works everywhere!
Finding the place was easy as it is waze-able or if you have a google map app, location is quite painless to navigate. We came from Sta.Rosa, Laguna and we get there just in time for lunch. First impression was, it's a hidden sanctuary! Location was too far from the main road or the national highway, and it was tucked in the middle of a residential area. But, i love the simple and peaceful environment, nonchalant and truly relaxing in nature.

I love every corners of the restaurant! The European-Mediterranean theme is consistent from food, down to the interiors. The see-through garden view from the inside gives out a calming and appetizing feel while dining.

They also have a deli shop on the other side where they offer freshly baked breads, a variety of cheese and wines! Who love wines here? 

Now, let me talk about the food! They offer an array of delectable European dishes that are reasonably priced. They have a set menu that varies every month but we ordered Ala Carte menu, specifically their main entrees, since it was lunch time. 

Bread and spread was served while waiting for our orders.
I would like to commend this restaurant not only for the perfect ambiance and location they have, but most of all the glorious food. I love everything that they served, from plating and presentation, quantity of serving, and the taste. Overall food quality and taste is superb! Their staff was very accommodating and attentive to our needs too.

Chateua Hestia's Mutti's recipe of traditional dish from Italy, made of beef shank slowly braised in a rich tomato sauce, served with risotto Milanese and green beans.

Lemon-pepper crusted fillet of salmon served on a bed of potato gnocchi, shrimps and fresh vegetables.

Pumpkin butter-filled chicken, fried to golden brown, served with mushroom sauce and scallop potatoes.

A decadent cake oozing with a filling made by a dear friend, Mauro, owner of one of the best trattorias in Sienna, Tuscany.

A delicious cooked milk dessert typical to the whole of Northern Italy, topped with Hestia's homegrown passion fruit jam.

Chateau Hestia's home-made cheesecake, topped with pineapple curd, fresh Silang pineapples and whipped cream.

The desserts are all mouthwatering! I personally love Mauro's Molten Chocolate cake, i would love to have it again if i'll be visiting once more. They also have a wide array pasta and pizza, soups, salads and sandwiches. I will definitely try their pasta and pizza on my next visit. I've heard good reviews about it and wanted to experience it myself. More than their scrumptious food, they also have a bed and breakfast facility that caters to everyone. 

This hanging bridge leads to one of Chateau Hestia's Bed and Breakfast accommodation.
The place seems to be a perfect honeymoon getaway for me, because of its serenity and cool environment. We checked some areas outside the restaurant and found out that it was huge, with quite a number of rest houses or casitas for visitors. 

My lovely friends striking a pose at the rustic walk way of the Restaurant.
The place is also perfect for garden weddings and photo shoots. In fact, after we finished our lunch, there was a group of photographer with a couple who's having a pre-engagement shoot outside the restaurant. 

Calling ourselves "Tatlong Bibe"... Hahaha!
It was indeed a lovely dining experience at Chateau Hestia, but it was made even sweeter because of the people whom i shared it with. Truly, there are some people in life that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better, they are called friends!

J. Hernandez St. Purok 5, Brgy. Bukal, Silang, Cavite
Opens: 9am to 10pm Mondays to Sundays (Including Holidays)
Contact Nos. 0929-711-3289 / 0905-352-4636
Facebook: Chateau Hestia 

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