WHEN IN BATANGAS: Solitary Moments at Tuesday Cafe


There's a hidden cafe that i used to frequent lately along San Jose, Batangas. I was itching to go home as quickly as possible after a series of client meetings in the city of Lipa when all of a sudden, i got sleepy along the way, and obviously, it was not a good idea to continue driving. Thankfully, i spotted a commercial complex and saw Tuesday Cafe, so i stopped by for a while to take a dose of strong coffee.

Tuesday Cafe serves premium hand crafted coffee and tea. I love their coffees! I can tell what good coffee tastes like and i can give the major players of the coffee industry a run for their money. It is located at Paseo de San Jose along Banay-Banay, San Jose, Batangas (almost nearing Lipa City). Famous landmark is the Metro San Jose Hospital beside the paseo. I came here on another evening after an appointment, and tried the massage at the Spa beside it which i also love to frequent from now on, if only it was accessible from my place.

I've been here thrice already as of this writing, because i usually do not take the Star Tollway for short drives, especially if it's just around Batangas City and Lipa City. I haven't documented my previous orders at this cafe but i do had some of my favorite food which left me an impression from the first time i tasted it. I love their Mocha Frappe and the Carbonara. They also have sandwiches and pastries that looks delectable. I'm a cheesecake lover, and anything that's cheese seems to be so heavenly for me.




While food was okay, (not really wow but it tastes really good), what's more appealing to me was its location and the ambiance. It is tucked away from the bustling traffic and noise of the city, it was spacious and not cramped like other cafes where the other table can hear about what you and your group were talkin' about.

The ambiance has a dramatic yet relaxing feel which is perfect for my solo moment musings while drafting some blogs. During night time, the place seems to be an isolated premise, where the streets are kind'a dark and the rest of the complex is quiet and has no light. Good thing they had a security who guards the place.

Tuesday Cafe is recommended for quick stops, and if you want to have some alone time and privacy, far from the metro. The staffs were approachable but not naturally friendly, however they've delivered good service during my stay. I usually come here alone and i do enjoy my rare solitary moments over some good food and coffee, ofcourse.

Paseo de San Jose, Banay Banay II,
San Jose, Batangas
Opens: Monday to Saturday 8am to 11pm
Sunday 9 am to 10pm
Facebook: Tuesday Cafe

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