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Moms are great multi-taskers, right? As far as experience is concerned, i could say that i almost, if not fully, had perfect the art of juggling between mothering my kids, while balancing the stresses of running a home-based business as a mompreneur, plus a lot more of important work in between.
For the benefit of those who are new to the term Mompreneur - it is defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of an entrepreneur all at the same time and has become a relatively new trend now in entrepreneurship. It has come to increase prominence in the digital age, with the internet allowing entrepreneurs to sell products out of the home rather than relying on foot traffic to brick-and-mortar business. 

While finding balance between family and passion, having some time-out from our busy schedules- like chilling, connecting and learning with like-minded people be in the form of friends or support group is as important as the daily grind too. 

With Mommy Yami of
Last July 30, 2016, me and my partner who is a very good friend too, has been blessed to join the Mompreneur Meet Up which took place at the dainty Sarika Function Hall of Dusit Thani Manila

Moms from the metro and the south gathered in one room, introduced each other's businesses and shared their "mompreneur tip" on how they cope up with balancing business and family. It was such a relaxing time, hearing all the inspirational stories of every mom and learning a lot from them. I did not regret any second for being there that Saturday, its all worth the travel and time!

A quick activity was also prepared by Mommy Mundo, where the moms were divided into groups and requested to draw an illustration of a mother using a board, drawing pens and crayons. Each group has their own take of a mommy image, but there is just one common denominator that i can say about all the creative illustrations--- moms are super girls who wear different hats all at the same time! Multi-tasking is their distinct character and admit it or not, we are good at it, right? Coz, we can still squeeze in some wine and cheese kind of night and our passion for fashion that makes us look fabulous all these time!

More than that, a short, yet very life changing talk was hosted by Michele Alignay, a Registered Psychologist and Counselor plus book author, who is passionate about inspiring moms to live a meaningful life. Learning the power of small somehow changed me, realizing that magic is really, sometimes, in the small things in life which we often took for granted, and which we often doesn't care about because we are too focused on acquiring perfection, yet what we really need is progress not perfection. There's more about the little things that can make our lives meaningful and productive and it has been a great reminder for the moms. 

With the Infopreneur, Michele Alignay of
It was indeed a meaningful and purposeful weekend with the Mompreneurs! And it is to this reason that i find joy in having a community of moms + entrepreneurs who speaks the same language. Taking part in Mommy Mundo's events and Mompreneur Manila's circle of entrepreneurs for the last 3 years has made a big impact into who i am today as a whole. 

"There is no force in the universe that is equal to a woman who is determined to rise..."
As always, Mommy Mundo never fails to surprise us with her generous loot!
Thank you to Janice Villanueva, founder of Mommy Mundo and Mompreneur Manila, whom, after all, has become a good friend and a mentor to all the moms and mompreneurs around the country today. 

The amazing Mompreneurs!
Photo Credits to @mommymundo official Instagram 
Mompreneur Meet Up is one that truly excites me, knowing that i will be able to learn more knowledge, updated trends, tips about business, meeting and connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, while finding inspiration and meaning in life and i hope to encourage my fellow mompreneurs to join too!

Find meaning and Make a Difference!

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