AIR SUMMIT GOURMET: A Dining Experience On-Board Boeing 737


Last time, i blogged about my gastronomic experience at a bus-inspired cafe in my "When In Batangas" series. If you haven't read about it yet, please check it here. This time, on my occasional explorations around the nearby towns and provinces of the South, my itchy feet brought me and my family in the city of Tayabas, Quezon. Have you been there? Tayabas City was proclaimed as the City of Festivals, as they celebrate quite a number of festivals all year round. It is also known for some ancestral houses and old churches, native restaurants, resorts and my favorite from this part of the province, the Budin! (Cassava Cake) 

The original Kamayan sa Palaisdaan native restaurant is also found here. Speaking of restaurant, what's popular today about this quaint city in the province is the AIR SUMMIT GOURMET, an airplane-themed restaurant which is located inside Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.
Ok, so here i am, restaurant hopping again from bus to airplane! 

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First and foremost, i'm impressed about the concept of this aero food hub in the middle of the province (well, that's just me, always impressed!). I know there are a lot of vehicles now that were turned into cafes or restos in the buzzling city of Manila, but having something unique like an aircraft cafe is still a fresh take on the food business, especially in the Southern Tagalog. We've tried this newly opened gourmet restaurant some weeks ago and here's a quick tour of the place. (Sorry for flooding this post with photos!)

The "immigration office" or reception hall where guests must "check-in" first before coming on board.
Guests are first welcomed at their reception kiosk or reservation lounge. It was air-conditioned, comfy and nicely covered with glass walls all round. Inside the hall was a "check-in counter" where guests are accommodated by their friendly stewardess. Orders were also taken here. Initially, we were like checkin' in an airport before boarding the aircraft. Dining is done in batches (like 2-3 hours apart) to allow enough time and space for diners and the food preparation. So, chances are, if you did not make it to the time slot, you will be accommodated on the next "flight". Thank God it was a weekday, and there were just two groups of diners including us.

Their receptionist/flight stewardess in uniform. She was just like a flight attendant complete with a hat. 
Lovely, isn't it?
My sister with their stewardess while she take our orders.

It was actually an unplanned visit here. We were at Lucena City in the morning for an important appointment of my Dad. It was past lunch time after we finished, so we ate at Buddy's for lunch because we were famished already. Having realized that we were almost close to the area, we thought of paying a visit to experience Air Summit Gourmet. And since we just had an overload of lunch, we just ordered drinks, coffee and fruits but was really fancy about their menu.

They offer an array of multi-national cuisines. They have group meal packages for Php 2,500 and other set menus like Italian, Japanese, French and Filipino Set Menu that ranges from Php 680 - Php 850 per set. They also have Ala Carte Menu with a wide array of pastas, desserts, beverages and wines. I honestly find their bill of fare PRICEY looking at how small the serving was. Well, the price is expected though, knowing that it was the fine dining arm of Kamayan Sa Palaisdaan which is just beside the airplane resto.

If you want to check the complete menu with prices you may download it here.

This is a perfect spot for a photo op! The luggage that i was holding is available at the immigration hall, and because we own the place that time, we took advantage of the props! 

After our orders were taken, it only took a little while and we finally heard the pre-boarding announcement  for Boeing 737, just like in an airport calling my name to board the plane. The concept was really entertaining and unique.

Boarding gave me some sort of excitement! It was my first time to board on a plane that is not really going anywhere! And given the notion that you will just eat there seems to be so inviting.
According to the owner, it was an old aircraft that was all bare when he bought it.
It was chopped, so they can transfer it to the province and there, they reconstructed it, modified and fabricated everything from outside to the inside.

We were greeted and assisted by their smiling and accommodating staff. They all look nice and friendly.
THE INTERIORS. Stepping inside the aircraft was like wow! I wasn't expecting it to be this lovely and really charming. I am always fascinated with warm lights and cozy interiors and this was just amazing. How they put everything inside an aircraft was impressive. Table setting was plus points too!

Insert some #OOTD pose here, please! Instagram worthy indeed!
THE FOOD. As i have mentioned, we just had our lunch, so, we only ordered fruit juice, iced tea, red wine and coffee. Then we added a platter of fresh fruits that was quite expensive. The serving was so few and nothing was really special about it. However, it was presented nicely and neatly.

Everything we ordered was just okay, nothing wow but just average taste for their Iced Tea and the Fruit Juice. As for the coffee, well, i am not an "expert cupper" but  i do love coffee a lot and i can tell what good to great coffee tastes like! My cup of cappuccino isn't that good. On the other hand, my sister ordered tea, while my mom settled for a glass of red wine and she loves it.

Overall, it was a great experience to board inside an airplane restaurant. Sad that i cannot vouch for their main entrees but i would really love to visit it again and try some of their best-sellers. It was pricey, specially the set menus but they do have good customer service, a unique concept and a perfect ambiance. Once, i get the chance to taste their food, then, maybe that's the time i could finally say that it was really worth the try. That's for me to find out soon!

If you're in a budget, but wanted to really experience dining inside this restaurant, here's my tip:
Air Summit Gourmet is located inside the original Kamayan sa Palaisdaan complex. It is owned by the same company. You may want to eat your lunch or dinner at Kamayan for a more affordable take on the food and order your desserts or perhaps a light snack in the airplane resto. I find that smart. ;-)

Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas, Quezon
(Inside Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Complex)
Opens; Monday to Sunday 11am - 9:00pm
Contact No. 0917-852-3028
Facebook Page: Air Summit Gourmet

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