WHEN IN BATANGAS: CAFE DE ALPS, Frappes and Pastas on a BUS!


(An Honest Review + a Side Story)

I am amazed how cafes and food hubs are cleverly designed nowadays. For the past years, I've seen how these coffee shops and newly opened restaurants were slowly filling up the spaces in cities like Lipa and Batangas. Some rainy days ago, together with my foodie son (yes, he's a foodie now!) and my favorite cousin Josh, we braved the heavy rains, drove around the city of Lipa and found ourselves chilling like wet chicks in a "bus station", drinking some frappes and eating some pastas.

Situated at the newest Food Hub of Lipa City, Batangas- the Metro Events Zone along Ayala, Highway is CAFE DE ALPS. It's a bus-inspired cafe (i'd presume its name was derived and connected to the ALPS Bus Company), where you get to experience dining inside a bus. Yes, its a bus! I love the concept of this cafe as it was a unique and fresh idea in the South.

Facade of the cafe
They offer frappes, hot coffees, smoothies, hot tea, milk and fruit teas, pasta, sandwiches, starter salads, pastries and beers! They also serve all-day American breakfasts which my son ordered because he just saw the eggs on the menu, hahaha!

Outdoor set-up of the cafe
Interior of the cafe

The design, concept and interiors of this bus cafe is quite impressive. You can feel that the owner really put their heart and passion into it. I love the signage of the different routes that a bus usually takes. It adds authenticity, giving the notion of a real bus station.

I just had a little side story about the staffs, they are friendly and accommodating BUT i am not satisfied with the way they treated us, frankly speaking. There's nothing major but it could've been improved and hopefully prevented in the future.

Side Story
They gave us a table outside the bus because the ones upstairs or inside is fully occupied. Since they are full house, i told the crew that i am willing to wait because i wanted to dine inside the cafe, i wanna feel the vibe, i wanna sit on the couch and i wanted to maximize my first bus cafe experience. (Choss!) So, she said yes, we can move upstairs once there's an available table and we agreed. Just to make it clear, and i hope we have the same thoughts about the situation-- when a customer said that she's willing to wait, she's willing to wait even if it takes longer than expected. That's me, even if it takes hours, when i said i can wait, i'll wait for my turn. Unless i said "NO i don't want to wait i'm in a hurry, i'm fine here". Fast forward, the staff came back again and took my orders, so i thought there would be available seats upstairs sooner or later, so i gave my orders.

While waiting, i took photos outside the place and the areas around before another batch of non-stop rain pour us over. Then, after a while, a group of people came and they needed a long table, they were like 12! We were seated in a table for 4 at the middle and there's another table next to us that is vacant. Behind me are 2 tables which they occupied, but unfortunately, they needed more chairs and another table. The crew who was assisting them knew that he needed to produce another chair and table for them. I thought he's gonna get the seat next to us to give it to the new customers (that's what familiar restos usually do), but i was surprised that he approached me and told me to move on another table because the group needs chairs and tables.  Ethically, that was not right. We were there, for more than 15 minutes, and then they will ask us to move on another table because of a new group? Tell me, please, if i am overacting. 

Thank God the weather was chilly, so i chilled and give way. A few minutes later, the staff approached our table with the food! I gently told her to serve it later, because we agreed earlier that i am willing to wait inside the bus. But she insisted that it cannot be done, because our food was ready, lalamig daw! And besides, it will take long before we can have a seat inside so they have to serve the food and go inside the cafe after, if we still wanted to. (Ano naman gagawin ko inside the cafe kung wala na akong food?)

Well, the transferring of seats requested by their staff is something that i just wanted to pass, but the next situation was a total let down. I was wondering if these staffs were trained about attentiveness and manners. Thank God i have patience. I was just calm and naturally light and easy, whew! Fast forward, i allowed them to serve the food and i barely had the appetite to enjoy it. 
(Am i bad?)

Portion of their Menu Board
Okey, so enough of my side story, let me talk about the food! We ordered their signature pasta, the "Caldereta Pasta" and the new one which is not on the menu list, the "Pan Fried Linguini with Bacon & Quail Eggs". Then my son ordered "Buttered Toast with Egg". We also had their "Cookies and Cream" and "Espresso Frappe".

I love the pasta, it is cooked perfectly, not too firm nor too soft. The sauce is rich and generous and has the distinct taste of Caldereta on it. There could still be some weird taste for a caldereta-flavored pasta, but the fusion of all the spices went good. It's unique and delicious.

So far, this is my favorite. I love the quail eggs and bacons plus the broccoli mixed with buttery sauce and drizzles of cheese on it. I just find it oily and a little salty but it compliments with the toasted bread anyway. The serving is also generous like its good for two people sharing.

My son ordered this, just because he like eggs! There's nothing special about the egg and the toast, its a typical buttered toast and omelette ideal for breakfast and best paired with hot coffee. 

So far, their frappes are good. I love the taste of Espresso, it simply has the kick but not that strong, it blends well with the cream on top. The Cookies and Cream has the distinct cookies and cream flavor and its good.
Over all, the food was delicious, they have plated and presented the dishes well and the serving is just right. In fact, their pasta can be good for sharing. I also love the frappe, even if its raining and cold on the outside. I guess i needed it badly that time! They also have pastries! But i wasn't able to try.

After we eat, i asked my cousin to take snaps of the interior of the cafe
So, will i go back? Well, honestly, customer care for me is very important, but i am not closing doors after my experience with some of their staff. Sometimes, things like that just happens, i was misunderstood, maybe i was having a bad day and i understand that human errors are normal. Yes, i might go back.

There's an Instagram-worthy bus driver's seat inside the cafe, perfect photo corner!
Will i recommend it?
Basically, the food was good, the ambiance was great, the prices are okey and the location is perfect, so, YES! I wanted to try their cakes and their newest offer, the "Entree Plates", and i'm hoping to have a pleasurable dining experience to tell on my next Cafe de Alps visit! Maybe, i should make a reservation for that next time! ;-)

Metro Events Zone
Ayala Highway, Lipa City
(In front of South Supermarket)
Sunday - Thursday 2pm to 10pm
Friday - Saturday 2pm to 11pm
Contact No. 0917-326-8291
Email: cafedealps@yahoo.com
Facebook: Cafe de ALPS
Instagram: @cafedealps

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