Parking and Flying with Park 'N Fly (A Review)


Traveling from the South going to the airport, then leaving the country for a couple of days can be tiresome and of course, expensive too. You will need someone to drive your car to drop you to the airport, and then, they would have to pick you up again from the airport after several days to drive you back home. Basically, the gas consumption, your tire's tear and wear, toll fees and the driver's fee are just some of the additional expenses to consider when travelling abroad or even domestically, if you are coming from the province. But that was not the case anymore, until i found out about Park 'N Fly

On our recent trip to Hong Kong with the whole family, literally, (with my kids, my parents, my sister and my in-laws), acquiring a driver who will send us to the airport from Batangas and then pick us up again upon arrival after 3 days is more of a hassle. We had nobody to turn or ask favor to, because everyone of us are flying altogether. 

We used to park at NAIA before, whenever we travel on a domestic or international flight. The last one was when we travel to Davao as a family, we left our car at NAIA Terminal's parking lot and it stayed there for 4 days, uncovered. It was just fine but still, we had worries during the time we left it there because as we all know, airport security in NAIA is not that reliable or should i say not strict enough to implement high security measures. So this time i opted to a more secure overnight parking space and it didn't disappoint us. I would highly recommend Park 'N Fly for travelers who wanted to just leave their cars at the airport and retrieve it back after several days. And here's why:

Checkin' in was a breeze

We arrived at Park 'N Fly just an hour before our scheduled airport check-in. First things first, you need to secure the checkin' policy for cars. All you need to give them is a photocopy of your car's OR/CR and of course, the keys. Fill out some necessary information, present a valid ID and make sure to indicate the date and time of your arrival at the Airport, including the exact terminal. While doing this, your companions can conveniently sit and wait at their air-conditioned and comfortable lobby.

24 Hours FREE Airport Shuttle Service

Park 'N Fly has a FREE Airport Shuttle Service for everyone. After checking in, we disembarked from our car and transferred our things to the assigned van/ shuttle that will take us to the airport terminal. They have clean and spacious vehicles and readily available drivers to cater to your needs, whether you are travelling solo or in group. We were assisted by their friendly and very accommodating staffs to the van and all our luggages just perfectly fit in. Inside the van was comfortable, we were a group of 9 passengers including 2 kids and there is enough space for everyone. 

More than that, our driver was even in uniform, complete with a hat. Felt like, we were VIP's inside our exclusive shuttle! Hahaha!

Worry-free and Hassle-free parking

Leaving our precious car at Park 'N Fly also left us worry-free and hassle-free. We were serviced to NAIA Terminal 3 for our departure and upon arrival after 3 days, while claiming our luggages at the airport, i called their hotline number to inform them about our arrival and just in time after immigration and baggage claim procedures, we went out of the airport and our ride is there to pick us up. 

The travel time was just enough to cover a little traffic in the airport road area. Park 'N Fly is located near NAIA Terminal 1 and 2, at MIA road, just the corner of Domestic Road, beside the PTT Gas Station at the intersection. You will never miss this place as the signage was too huge not to be noticed when you're coming from Resorts World Manila. 

Affordable, safe and secured parking facility

For Php 340 (+VAT) in the first 24 hours, plus an hourly rate for the succeeding hours, our car was well taken cared of, safe and secured inside their parking spaces. Their indoor parking facilities are covered and provided with professional security and electronic surveillance, 24/7 and they are open 365 days a year including Sundays and holidays. Park 'N Fly also offer car repair and maintenance services in the interim for your convenience and satisfaction. 

To sum it up, it was a good decision to try out Park 'N Fly for our traveling convenience. I don't see any reasons why one shouldn't consider bringing their cars for a much needed vacation trip and leaving it in this airport parking facility. For almost 3 days that we are away, i only paid around Php 750+ and that was total value for money, worry-free and hassle -free parking and flying experience!

Domestic Road, Pasay City,
Metro, Manila
(Beside PTT Petrol Station)
Contact Nos.
(02) 852 -1946 to 48
(02) 854 - 9302 to 04
0918 - 991 - 0000

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