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Our recent trip abroad was merely a 3 days 2 nights travel. Two days of which were spent travelling to and from Hong Kong, stressful right? We barely scratched the surface of the city because what we really wanted to see was just Disneyland and Ocean Park for the kids, while the oldies (our parents, both mine and my in-laws) together with my sissy went on an arranged city tour. We skipped the latter because we've been to other places and attractions in Hong Kong before and we just got back to fulfill my daughter's 7th Birthday wish.

We stayed in a hotel courtesy of our Accor Club membership and on my searches, Ibis Hotel matches my specifications and standards. Please note that there are two (2) Ibis Hotels in Hong Kong. One is Ibis Hongkong Central and Sheung Wan and the other one is Ibis Hong Kong North Point. We stayed at Ibis Hotel North Point near the Ferry Terminal. 

On our first trip to Hong Kong years back, i booked for Panda Hotel, if you haven't read my blog about it, please check it here. I didn't booked for Panda because as budget travelers, what we just really need is a safe and comfortable hotel to leave our things, take a bath, have a goodnight sleep and eat breakfast. While Panda Hotel is a 4 star hotel, which is more spacious, has leisure facilities and a more accessible location in the shopping district than Ibis, i would still recommend Ibis Hotel to budget travelers for the following reasons:

Location and Accessibility

Ibis North Point is located near the Ferry Terminal to Macau, if you'll be checking it on the map, it's quite far from the famous shopping districts of the Metro like Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) and other tourist spots in the city but it's quite accessible to Causeway Bay and Central Terminal and that's kind of the same thing. There are also a lot of good buys and shopping malls in the Causeway Bay area that is a lot cheaper than the ones in TST.

Just a tumbling away from Ibis is the North Point MTR Station, approximately 1-2 minutes walk. No need to cross the street, once you come out from the ingress of the hotel turn left and a few steps away is the MTR station. 

If you would prefer bus, the bus stop is just in front of the hotel. You just have to cross the street and wait for the buses to arrive. A11 airport buses which is a double-decker bus, usually arrive at the bus stop along Java Road where Ibis North Point Hotel is located.

Yummy dinner at Greenland Restaurant along Java Road, near Ibis North Point Hotel
Thank God there's RICE for crying out loud!
The hotel's location is very close to convenient stores, and other food establishments. There would be no problem when it comes to food hunting as the area that surrounds the hotel is piled with different restaurants that served authentic Chinese cuisines and other Asian cuisines at an affordable price. There's a near McDonald's too if you'd prefer familiar food chains. Few blocks away are money changers, stalls and thrift shops or "tiangge" that sells different stuffs for the home, for pasalubong or even Chinese groceries. 

Modern and Comfortable Rooms

Our room is not big but we are comfortable. If you all must know, most hotel rooms in Hong Kong are small, just enough to walk around and sleep on a bed which is just the right size of a regular Asian. I really don't mind the size of the bed nor the space of the room. Although, it would've been better if they have at least a bigger room for families who travel with kids (so they can have enough space to goof around and play while you fix things and the like). The rooms maybe small but its modern design maximized its space.

We have the basic and necessary amenities needed for a relaxing stay. A cable television, FREE Wi-fi access that is fast and reliable, a clean bathroom with hot and cold shower, basic toiletries and towels, coffee or tea making facility, a mini refrigerator, safety deposit box, adequate lighting and a cool air conditioned unit.


Ibis Hotels are dubbed as budget hotels. Yes, its a budget hotel but it was decent and safe. Prices for their room starts at Php 2,500/ night depending on your preference. They offer a City View room which is their Standard Room and a Harbour View room or Superior Room. They have double beds or single beds depending on your requirement. For me, its total value for money, especially if you are travelling in a group. 

Relaxing Harbour View

I booked a Harbour View Room where the view in the morning was quite relaxing. The glistening water from the ocean and the sunrise from the other side of the mountains pointing through the high-rise buildings of Hong Kong brings a different vibe. Me and my husband occupied our double bed together with our little daughter, while my son slept beside my sister in another room. I booked a total of 4 rooms for all of us.

Buffet Breakfast

Our room includes a buffet breakfast, so that's plus points 'coz we need to fill our tanks before heading out for a long and busy day. They served international cuisines, mostly Asian which the kids can eat and enjoy. 

There's nothing special or note-worthy about the menus, they are very basic like eggs, hams, sausages and choices of breads, but they're all good enough to fill our tummies. For me and the kids, as long as we got eggs, its more than okey!

Other Amenities and Facilities

Ibis North Point Hotel has a total of 275 rooms, the building doesn't look like a hotel, in fact, its like a building from the outside. The lobby is located at the 2nd floor, where it tends to get crowded during check out time because the space is not that big, but that's fine.

Elevator or lifts are not that busy, they have 2 units available for use. What i have observed is, most guests are tourists backpackers and business travelers who come and go from time to time. There's a massage spa on the left wing of the lobby area and a small business center/ corner on the right wing. 

In a wrap, we had a pleasant stay at Ibis North Point Hotel, Hong Kong. So far, this is my first experience with Ibis Hotels and it didn't disappoint my expectations. They delivered their promise of comfort, convenience and affordability and i might consider Ibis Hotel again on our next family trip. 

My family at Ibis Hotel Lobby (my daughter is hiding, she's not on the picture!)

138 Java Road
North Point, Hong Kong
Tel. (+852)25881111
Fax. (+852)25881123
Email: h3563@accor.com

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