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Active learning and hands-on experience is invaluable, and parents, guardians, siblings and peers play an important role in a child's development. As a mom, with school-age kids, i'm always in the lookout for activities that will keep my kids busy on weekends, apart from strolling in the neighborhood with playmates (yes i allow them to play outdoors a lot) and being hooked up with their gadgets.

My kids aren't fond of reading, they do read if they feel like it! But they do love arts and crafts that they do it everyday, invading my home office and taking everything they can to create puppets, origami, hand made cards and a lot of what i call "mess" afterwards, leaving them everywhere in the house. So when i heard about Buribox from co-mommy bloggers i immediately checked the site. Luckily, i was able to get a FREE subscription and so i instantly registered and paid for the shipping alone.

We received the February subscription and was delivered at our doorstep. My daughter was then too excited to open it up! Watch her video as she unboxed her first Buribox on Youtube

What is Buribox?

Buribox is a curated subscription box delivered to you by Adarna House - the first and multi-awarded children’s book publisher in the Philippines, committed to the development of the Filipino child’s love for learning and for the Philippines.

The Buribox is designed for children which contains books, activity sheets, arts and crafting materials which aims to develop the literacy, critical thinking, creativity, socio-emotional make-up, and gross and fine motor skills of your child.

There are two boxes to choose from, one is the Toddler Buribox for kids ages 3-5 years old and the Young Readers Box for kids ages 6-8 years old. I got the Young Readers Box for my children who was 6 and 8 years old.

The Young Reader Buribox was designed for the Filipino child so most of the materials are bilingual. Each storybook is written in Filipino language and translated into English which is very helpful for the child's comprehensive advancement.

Included in the box is a guide for the parents, activity sheets where the children will make use of scaffolding process with its techniques of moving children progressively toward stronger understanding and intimately greater independence as learners. It will also affirm the child's right to self-expression.

Reading starts with learning the alphabet through the Alpabetong Filipino book. Other books in the package includes:
  • Ang Mabait na Kalabaw- presents a good role model from the carabao who does good things, gets along with his fellow carabaos, and loves truth, kindness and beauty.
  • Si Putot- is about the celebration of uniqueness. It stresses that differences are to be accepted and can in fact be seen as strengths.
The two other story books - Marios' Special Day and Si Ching na Takot sa Dilim, highlights the imagination and have been selected to heighten the child's creativity.

The activities on foldable animals and stick puppets will develop the fine motor skills used in cutting and folding, increases focus and attention span, enhances spatial reasoning, and promotes creativity and self-expression. My son loved this so much!

The Glitter Name activity which my daughter enjoyed so much is a way of explaining to the child how unique and special he/she is. As shown in the storybooks, differences are to be appreciated and respected. 

How much is the Buribox?

One subscription of Buribox costs P799/month which contains the following in the package:

Php 799
(Kids 3-5 years old)
4-5 Pre-school Books
7+ Activity/Work sheets
Arts and Crafting Materials

Php 799
(Kids 6-8 years old)
5 Storybooks
7+ Activity/Work sheets
Arts and Crafting Materials

How to subscribe?

For monthly subscription registration, you may log in to www.buribox.com. Choose the Buribox applicable to your child's age and wait for your box to be delivered at your doorstep. You can always unsubscribe anytime. Please note that you need a Paypal account or a credit card/debit card to process your payment online.

Buribox is a treasure trove of invaluable reads and activities for kids that conveniently comes to your doorstep. Ideal for summer home activities, weekend fun and for home-schooling moms and kids. An instant worksheet and readable materials that involves not just creativity, comprehension and critical thinking but also cultivates meaningful relationship between parents and child, creating a stronger family bond.

Know more about Buribox at https://www.facebook.com/buribox
Subscribe to Buribox at http://buribox.com/

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