Weekend Brunch Buffet at Bag of Beans Tagaytay


If there's a restaurant that i would love to frequent most when in Tagaytay, it would be The Bag of Beans. I simply love the rustic surroundings of this restaurant, the colorful, vibrant feel of the whole place and most of all, the food! Plus the crisp and chilly Tagaytay air makes this place my favorite weekend or holiday destination.

Talking about weekends, me and my parents visited the place, together with my kids. It was exactly lunch time when we arrived and the place was jam-packed, as usual. Bag of Beans offers good to great Ala Carte food choices, from pasta, sandwiches, and steaks. They have one of the best coffee and pastries too! I actually missed their steaks and was planning to order it when the staff told me that their room was still full, and we can try their buffet instead. 

This photo was taken from inside the car, sorry for the reflection.
I didn't know that they now offer breakfast and brunch buffet on another hall, so, it was my first time to try a buffet lunch at Bag of Beans. I asked my mom if they wanted buffet since it was lunch time already and we came from a pretty long drive, and she agreed.

Price for buffet brunch starts at Php 595/person and is only available on weekends and holidays. No dinner buffet. I checked their menu and was glad that they offer an array of food that looks good! All of which are mostly Filipino. 

They had an omelette bar on the side, soups, fruit juices, desserts and a selection of pasta too. I love their pasta! If you have tried dining at the other hall and ordered Ala Carte meals, you'll have an idea of the same quality and taste for their buffet selection. 

My son enjoyed almost all of the food while my daughter loved all the desserts she took on her plate. 
Bag of Beans is known for its picture-perfect motif. It has a rustic appeal that was quite relaxing and inviting. The ambiance was like telling you to stay longer, please. 

The outside of the restaurant is my favorite! They have a spacious patio and I love the colorful umbrella's and glass bottles hanging around. 

Umbrella Festival?

The entire surroundings was also imbued by the charming elements of nature, fresh flowers and lush greens at the corners with whisk of plain and white garden sets perfect for romantic dinners.

I love it here!
The Bag of Beans has also an outdoor or Al Fresco setting. I fell in love with the wood works that accentuate their open dining halls. And with Tagaytay's cool atmosphere, dining outside with natural air is such a bliss! 

The Bag of Beans has extended their branches into four (4) now,  if i wasn't mistaken. This is the main branch that we visited and there's another one near Tagaytay's Rotonda. The other one is a little farther from the city at Twin Lakes Tagaytay. The last branch which i am planning to check out soon is Charito By Bag of Beans who also offers the original menus that is available in all branches. I heard that it has a more beautiful and lovely theme, and i'm excited to visit it! 

All in all, food taste is great, price is reasonable and the ambiance is way perfect! 
Highly recommendable, indeed!

Main Branch
115 Aguinaldo Highway,
Mendez Crossing West,
Tagaytay City
Contact No. 0922-881-8265

***Buffet is only available at the Main Branch

Weekends (Sat./Sun./Holidays only)
6:30am - 11am
Php 495 (+10% Service Charge) / Person
Weekends (Sat./Sun./Holidays only)
11am - 3pm
Php 595 (+10% Service Charge) / Person

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