The 6th Mommy Milkshake Run by Mommy Mundo


For the past years, Mommy Mundo never fails to bring out the best activities for everyone and i'm always looking forward to join its programs. Active parenting and bonding with the family is one of Mommy Mundo’s objectives when planning for events in the pursuit to encourage each and every moms to promote camaraderie & togetherness within the family and the community. And so it has been a great opportunity to be a part of Mommy Bloggers Philippines to join the 6th Mommy Milkshake Run by Mommy Mundo that happened last Sunday, March 6, 2016 at Bonifacio Global City.

Photo Credits to Earbudz Productions
Driving all the way from the South at 4 o'clock in the morning together with my two kids was a breeze, it was a smooth ride with a quick stop at SLEX to grab some breakfast at Mcdonalds. My kids were sleeping during the transit but were excited as much as i do as we arrived at the parking lot, just a tumbling away from the registration booth.

We arrived on time and i was so happy to see a lot of moms and kids and even dads who were already at the venue as early as 5:30 that Sunday morning. Looking around with their similar singlets on was a good vibe.

There were portable toilets, breastfeeding station, a lounge for the nursing moms and a diaper changing area for parents with babies and toddlers. Other participating booths who supports Mommy Mundo were also present at the event like Downy, Curves, Fun Ranch, Human Nature, Rookie, Water Philippines and more!

Breastfeeding Lounge
(Photo credits to Mommy Mundo Fanpage)

The morning sun slowly arise and the whole place was covered with light, a fresh new day indeed has arrived, and not longer then the event started with a welcoming message from Mommy Janice Villanueva, founder of Mommy Mundo.

Right after the short message a quick warm-up and exercise took place, headed by a  fitness instructor from Curves Philippines. My kids enjoyed a lot following the moves and i myself find the stretching so relaxing too after that long morning drive.

The 5km run started followed by the 3km run (we registered at the 3km run) after around 15 minutes. Me and my kids went to the starting line. The 3km run was graced by the Pangilinan Family- Mommy Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan with husband and kids and along with Mommy Janice Villanueva and family.

As soon as the countdown started and the go signal has been raised, my kids went running faster than me. My son was so eager that he run really fast that i need to catch him while my little daughter was on a slower pace. I was having a hard time monitoring the two kids but it sounds like the run was safe and secured with all the other moms and kids and dads brisk walking and jogging. 

Mommy Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan with husband Anthony Pangilinan and Daughter
(Photo Credits to Earbudz Productions)
There are water stations along the route to provide hydration to participants and security on posts together with the kilometer marks along the run path. As far as i can remember, we had 2 water stops during the duration of our 3 km run.

Photo Credits to Earbudz Productions
They offered free cups of water and or free shots of Gatorade too. The 3 km run wasn't that long and boring at all. I enjoyed our time together walking and chatting with my daughter about anything she likes to open up while my son runs a little faster than us from time to time.

Photo Credits to Earbudz Productions
Arriving at the finish line gave me some sort of relief, finally we're done and we did it! Especially my daughter who happened to throw tantrums by the time we were just a few meters away from the finish line.

Photo Credits to Earbudz Productions
She even insisted that i should carry her even for a while because she can't take it anymore, although i knew she was just making "lambing" to Mommy, hahaha! We were given free bananas and a bottle of Gatorade from one of the booths and each one of us received loots from the registration area together with our certificates.

It was also nice to see and talk to Mommy Janice for a quick while after the run. It was always nice seeing her on every Mommy Mundo event and for being a good friend to all the moms and a mentor for our MumsDailyPh community in the South. Her advocacy is truly inspiring and something we look up to.

With Mommy Janice Villanueve, Founder of Mommy Mundo
The 6th Mommy Milkshake Run by Mommy Mundo has been a very successful one, just like all the other fun runs before. It was well-organized, and was made convenient and really family and kid friendly. I find everything in order and as always, the bag of goodies from sponsors was full of fun and surprises!

The 6th Mommy Milkshake Run was supported by Curves, Gatorade, Hi-Precision Diagnostics, Growers, Ambucore. Planet Sports, Rookies USA, Pioneer MediCash Dengue Insurance, and Waters Philippines; Media Sponsor: The Fort City, Working Mom, Celebrity Mom, Cross Over 105.1, and The Bull Runner; Venue Sponsor: Bonifacio Global City Estate

Looking forward to the next Mommy Milkshake Run!

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