Paradizoo: Animal Encounters, Vegetable Farm and Flower Gardens


One of the reason why i love being a mompreneur apart from being my own boss and owning my time, is the privilege of combining business with leisure. On some occasions that i needed to deliver my goods in a certain area, i always look forward to discovering new places or restaurants where i don't used to go. Basically, it's like hitting two birds with one stone. I earn from my small business and i gain new experiences through the places i visit.

One of my previous client meet-up was in the area of Nasugbu , Batangas, and since it was a few kilometers away from Tagaytay, i brought along my kids to hit the Tagaytay road after my appointment.

My kids love animals! I guess a lot of little boys and girls love the idea of visiting a zoo and interacting with animals. So, i'd thought of bringing them to Paradizoo Theme Farm in Mendez, Cavite for a fresh experience. The last time they visited a zoo in Tagaytay was like 4 years ago at another Paradizoo, the Residence Inn, which is also run by Zoomanity Group.

Paradizoo Theme Farm is a sprawling 12-hectare idyll for the nature lovers and animal enthusiast. It is divided into different areas: The Farm Animals, The Flower Garden and The Vegetable Farm. They offer animal encounters, a vast plantation of organic vegetables and fruits, and a colorful flower garden


The farm animals are mostly in cages and barns. These big animals are taken care of by their trained animal caretakers. However, i find their habitat a little messy during our visit and i pity them 'coz they look starved. 

I must also admit that sometimes, i hate to visit zoos, especially when i encounter the smell of animal poop and other unpleasant odor in the surroundings. I mean who's gonna like that, ofcourse! But there are just zoos that aren't too stinky at all. I was actually having a headache but since the kids are too curious about everything in every corner of the zoo, i endured all my discomfort, anyway.

Voltes V, the cow with 5 legs!
We met Voltes V, the cow that has five (5) legs! He must be the jewel of the zoo. My kids enjoyed feeding the camels and were very eager to ride but unfortunately, riding is not permitted during that time because it was very hot and the animals needs to rest. 

Animal rides starts at Php 150 - 200 

One of my kids' favorite, and probably the highlight of our visit is the Animal Frenzy. It is an area in the zoo where you can buy feeds for different animals. It's a petting zoo that allows visitors to feed and cuddle them too. I remembered the same encounter we had at Zoobic Safari where my kids really enjoyed their trip.

A set of animal food that includes fresh vegetables, bird feeds and green grasses costs Php 100
 Smaller animals like the guinea pigs and bunny has a pretty little village which they call their own. It was a little community especially designed for them and i find it too cute! 

The animals are kid friendly! They must've been so used to people that they seemed to be one of them, they don't feel like strangers with humans at all. Feeding them really brought so much excitement and giggle for my kids. 

We went bird feeding too, but the kids are scared of the idea that bird's are gonna eat on their hands, so i did it and i felt like i was a kid too! It's tickling my palm and i can't help but laugh all the time.


After having a grand time feeding the animals, we roamed around the zoo uphill and found ourselves in the middle of  the vegetable garden. There's a lot of pineapples planted on one area, while the surrounding areas are trees and plots with watermelon, eggplants, and a lot more of vegetables and fruit seedlings treated with animal manure.

There were green houses too that practices Hydroponic Farming. I am amazed how they grew those fresh and organic vegetables that are so good looking. Most of them are not quirky knowing that organic and all natural fertilizers tend to produce quirky looking fruits and veges. 

They also have available fresh picked vegetables for sale, and home grown fresh lettuces that you can bring home. I so love the sight of greens and the garden plots. Someday, i really wish to have my own little farmville! 


A little farther from the vegetable farm was the flower garden, where you can find different species of flowers that are so colorful. It's a vast area of landscapes that brings out a cheerful vibe.

The Butterfly Garden is also an enchanting place for the kids to see. The development of a caterpillar forming a butterfly is very educational for the little ones. They had breed quite a big number of butterflies inside the kiosk and my kids, as always, are fascinated with what they saw.

Other interesting and calming site around the farm is their Meditation Garden where one can stay for a moment of silence and solitude whilst surrounded by nature. I believe it's a good focal area to do yoga here because it was very peaceful. 

Their  kind of meditation! Lol!
The Noah's Arc-inspired structure with a carabao was a favorite spot for picture-taking as well as the Pet's Cemetery. I was wondering whose pets are those buried in there. It must be a sacred place for their tribe.

And the Carabao gave out his best shot!
Rest in peace friendly pals!
Paradizoo Farm has play areas too for the little kids who can get bored with animals and nature. They have a Pet Me Home, Plant Me Home edifice where you can buy animals for petting and plants to nurture at home.There's Paradizoo Cafe which offers light snacks and drinks. They also sell some of their farm produced veges and plants there. There's nothing really special about their cafe but it's a good place to rest and stay after exploring the zoo.

Paradizoo is an ideal weekend getaway or holiday destination for families, especially those with children. I just want to stress that the cleanliness of the surroundings, especially the house of the farm animals should be well-maintained and regularly cleaned. The state and well-being of some animal dwellers saddens me and i hope they are well-fed and has descent lodging. Seemed like, some areas of the theme park are not well-kept. I hope the management can do something about it.
But, overall, it was an enjoyable experience for my kids!

Mendez, Cavite City
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