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If you'll notice, my posts about food trips and restaurant reviews is centered in Batangas. Yes, because i'm a proud Batangueña who hails in the traffic capital of the province! (Hulaan nyo kung saan yun) My advocacy for entrepreneurship (mompreneurship) goes out to small and medium enterprises and that includes budding businesses that suits my lifestyle. That's the reason why, once in a while i give them some space here in my personal blogsite, lending them the chance to shine and to entice more people to visit Batangas as well. So here i am again with my When in Batangas series!

On my not so busy business meet ups, given the chance, i always check out cafes. These comfy little corners in the bustling heart of the city gives me some sort of therapeutic joy. Seeing food and fancy little trinkets that are Instagram worthy! (If you haven't followed me yet, please do! It's my life in a nutshell! Click hereI spotted Cafe St. Honore which left me an impression because of its catchy facade.

The cafe looks big from the outside but when i stepped inside, its not as spacious as what I've thought it was. I went upstairs to check if there are other tables and chairs. Yes, there is, but the setting was already outside, its was airy and the space was very narrow. Ideal for smokers though.

I find the prices of their drinks cheaper compared to others.
And this is highly favorable to many...
So i ordered food instead and found myself in the middle of a table for four (4) facing a mirror. There were just three (3) customers including me, and i love it because it's not noisy. My orders came after a not so boring 15 minutes of waiting. And here it is:

Seafood Marinara Php 185
Spaghetti pasta with shrimps, calamari and tuna in tomato sauce

Compared to other seafood marinara pastas that I've tried before, it would be fair enough to say that its good. Nothing is really special except that the squid ball-like thing stands out. I was looking for the shrimp and calamari, but i guess they were used sparingly. I'm not sure if the white circular thing was the shrimp or the calamari in a form of fishballs, but it tastes more like a squid ball to me. However, the tuna flakes made it on the spotlight and i love the sauce!

The Reuben Sandwich Php 140
Their own  home-made corned beef, American Cheddar Sauerkraut served in whole wheat bread

This claims to be their signature and best-seller sandwich. I like their "own" home-made corned beef, which tastes like imported canned beef. I inspected it thoroughly, and the meat was chunky, it made me believe that it was purely home-made. It blended perfectly with the cheesy sauerkraut, while the whole wheat bread added texture into it. Its good for sharing because the serving is big. And I just have to say, i love it!

Vanilla Caramel Milkshake Php 80

Sometimes i used to trust the staff's recommendations. So, for the drink i tried their best-seller Vanilla Caramel Milkshake. I love it for the caramel and the price is just right, i haven't finished my tall glass because i was full already.

Mango Cheesecake Php 45

Have i mentioned before that i love cheesecakes? I super love all sorts of cheesecake! As long as its cheesecake, no doubt i will love it! And did i mention here that i am eating all by myself? And still i managed to order a dessert inspite of the fully loaded meal i just ordered. I tried their mango cheesecake and whew! This is my new favorite from their pastry line!

Photo Credits to Cafe St. Honore
Apart from the comforting food and drinks that they offer, they also have a collection of cakes that are available everyday or by pre-order if you wish to give it as a gift. From the looks of their cakes, i bet they're all of great taste and quality for an affordable price ofcourse! Their buttercream based cakes and no-bake cheesecakes ranges from P300 - P400 per whole.

The interior of the cafe is nice and cozy, it brings joy and inspiration with all the wall decals around. The space inside was a bit narrow, i'm sure it can get too crowded and noisy once they're full. The space upstairs has the view of the national highway, and it was windy, non-air conditioned and a little snug.

Downside was the waiter who took my orders. He is nice, but it seems like he doesn't know everything on the menu except for the milkshake. Maybe he was just new or he was just shy? I hope next time the staff will be more accommodating and friendly. :)

Cafe St. Honore is perfect for small groups, or for some quite time, alone, just like what i did. The bigger the group, the noisier. And when its noisy, it will not be conducive to the  notion of relaxing and calming concepts of cafes.

Still, a good try! Cafe St. Honore is very accessible from the Start Tollway exit at Balagtas, Batangas City, just along the national high-way, no biggie in finding where the place is.

From their Facebook page i learned that Cafe St. Honore is a husband and wife tandem. Isn't that sweet? Their cooking is honest and rustic whilst technique driven. Fundamentally, they wanted the ingredients to speak for themselves...

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table,

Cafe St. Honore
National Road, Balagtas, Batangas City
Beside Phoenix Gas Station
Opens Tuesdays to Sundays
11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Contact No. (+63) (043)980-5350
For pre-order cakes and pastries:
Mobile Nos. 0928-269-5814/ 0908-354-2699
Facebook Fanpage: Cafe St. Honore 

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